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How to Earn a Full Scholarship for an IB Diploma

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Did you know there’s a merit-based program in Singapore that covers 100% of tuition costs for the IB Diploma? A former Chatsworth Scholar tells us about her experience

We all know Singapore is full of fantastic international schools, but it’s an equally well-known fact that tuition can really add up – particularly when you have a few kids in a family. This is one reason we are so impressed by the Chatsworth Scholarship at Chatsworth International School, which covers 100% of tuition fees and grants a free Macbook laptop to promising students (from any school!) for the 2-year IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Years 12 and 13. The scholarships are open to both internal and external students; external students who are currently in Year 11 (Grade 10) are welcome to apply at any time. Is that awesome or what, mamas?!

We recently spoke with a recent recipient of the Chatsworth Scholarship, Anjali Goyal, who is currently in her final year of legal studies in Australia. Anjali, who did not previously attend Chatsworth before commencing the programme, reflects on the path her experience at Chatsworth has set her down, and also shares tips for other aspiring students keen to apply for the programme. Read on for some major inspo to share with your star students, mama!

Chatsworth International School student Anjali Goyal, recipient of the Chatsworth Scholarship for IBDP

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Did you grow up in Singapore (or elsewhere)? When did you start attending Chatsworth International School?
Hola! I am Anjali, and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Law (Honours) at the Australian National University. I am a fun-filled, enthusiastic individual with a desire to learn. My hobbies include Fencing and Lindy Hop (Swing Dancing). I speak four languages, and I love dogs.

I was born in India, and grew up in Mumbai. I moved to Singapore in Grade 8. It was in 2013 when I started studying International Baccalaureate (IB) at Chatsworth.

How did you learn about the Chatsworth Scholarship programme? What inspired you to apply?
I constantly like to set new goals and thresholds for myself. After achieving good academic results in Grade 10 (at another school), I decided that I wanted to take things a step further and target an IB Scholarship Program.

I also hoped to change my school, to find a better environment that facilitated my learning and hobbies. I learnt about Chatsworth through Internet research, and soon upon visiting it, I realised that it was the place I wanted to be.

With a desire to grow and a hope for a positive change, I put my best foot forward for the application.

students in the Chatsworth International School IBDP

What advice would you give to a fellow student applying for the programme?
Build yourself up on your strengths!

Focus on what you can offer and demonstrate that in your application. Reflect on your learning and skills developed through your past experiences, hobbies etc.

What was the most challenging aspect of the programme / the IBDP?
The most challenging aspect of the programme is the workload and the constant need to meet several deadlines. It can be pressurizing, but you eventually learn how to study smart and effectively.

When did you decide you wanted to study law? How has your IB education informed your university studies?
I decided that I wanted to pursue Law in Grade 9, and reaffirmed my views after an Intellectual Property internship with Schneider Electric.

IB has taught me how to work well under pressure and how to prioritize. Legal studies can be demanding at times, but good old IB helped show me my potential for working long and at odd hours!

students celebrate graduation at Chatsworth International School

How do you feel you benefitted from the programme and your educational journey with Chatsworth?
Chatsworth has truly been one of the best decisions I ever made. It offered an encouraging learning environment, provided me with exposure and gave me some lifelong friends!

IB is challenging, but you realize your true potential during this time. The skill-set that I gained during IB has been very useful and has helped me at university.

What are your plans once you finish university? Do you think your IB education (and experience at Chatsworth) will stay with you even as you move beyond the classroom setting?
I want to practice International Criminal and Humanitarian Law, and hope to register myself as a solicitor and barrister.

My experience at Chatsworth has been wonderful, and I have learnt a lot. Some of my best memories have been at Chatsworth, and it shall always hold a special place in my life…

Thanks so much, Anjali, and best of luck as you enter the next phase of your educational journey! To find out more about Chatsworth International School, you can book a campus tour by calling the Admissions Department at (+65) 6737 5955 or emailing [email protected].

 Chatsworth is taking over the current GESS campus in Bukit Timah in August 2018; enjoy a waiver of the application fee and 25% off the confirmation fee for enrolling into the new Bukit Timah campus. Terms and conditions apply.

 Chatsworth Orchard Campus, 37 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229313, Tel: +65 737 5955, [email protected]

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