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Making Maths Fun for Kids with Free Maths App Brainy Arkies

brainy arkies app maths kids
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Brainy Arkies is the app that makes Maths fun for 6-12 year olds

As a parent it’s fair to say we want the best education for our kids. Getting to grips with numbers and understanding mathematics is one thing – actually enjoying maths because it’s fun – that’s a whole other level! Brainy Arkies is a maths learning app for children aged 6-12 years old that offers personalised learning along with video solutions and fun quizzes to motivate kids to learn daily.

brainy arkies app maths kids

How Does Brainy Arkies Work?

Children solve maths questions as they embark on a journey filled with adventures and quests with in-app characters known as Arkies. Brainy Arkies, developed by Marshall Cavendish Education, is so much fun that kids will be learning while they are immersed in the experience. As they help the Arkies build the 3D world they will be retaining important mathematical concepts and deepening their understanding of numbers with ease. Parents can get involved too and work together with their child to conquer obstacles in the form of quizzes to progress further on their quest. Every kid loves getting stickers or badges, and this app rewards getting to the next level by unlocking new stages as your child progresses.

brainy arkies app maths kids children

Key Features of Brainy Arkies:

– Latest 2018 MOE syllabus
– More than 18,000 questions aligned with the latest 2018 MOE syllabus. This means that children can practice and recap maths topics they have learned in school.
– The app has an adaptive learning technology which adjusts to the child’s proficiency in solving maths questions.
– Video solutions recap learning objectives of topics that your child struggles with.
– In-depth, actionable reports are available for parents to keep track of their child’s progress.
– You can access 20% of maths questions for P1 through P6 using the free version. A paid subscription is available and unlocks 100% access to all questions as well as in-depth analysis reports for parents.
– Brainy Arkies is available for both Android and iOS devices.

So if your child is struggling with maths or if you just want to reinforce maths concepts that your child is learning at school in a fun and kids-accessible way – check out the FREE Brainy Arkies app now!

Marshall Cavendish Education is providing exclusive Brainy Arkies subscription offers to encourage parents to give the edutainment mobile app a try for their children’s maths development.
With a 6 months subscription get a 10% discount with promo code: SMBA10,
and with a 12 months subscription get a 20% discount with promo code: SMBA20

Brought to you in partnership with Marshall Cavendish Education

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