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Little Paddington Preschool Tanglin: Science Labs, Art Ateliers and Multiple Outdoor Play Stations (+ a Petting Zoo!)

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Get ready to be wowed by a preschool with amazing facilities this June, mama – Little Paddington Preschool opens in Tanglin soon!

What do you look for in a preschool for your bubs, mama? Could it be indoor and outdoor sensory play and discovery facilities? Options for infant care and childcare? Whether the preschool has, say… a petting zooLittle Paddington Preschool has all these and more in their newest Tanglin branch, perfect for mamas in central Singapore!

Opening in June 2018, the new preschool is filled with amenities that promise an all-rounded education thanks to the availability of facilities for STEM, Language, Arts and our favourite – outdoor play. Read on for a round-up of everything you’ll have to look forward to!

Science Atelier
Drawing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles, children take on challenges outside their comfort zone in a guided and conducive environment that encourages both academic and personal growth through the introduction of STEM specific knowledge, including engineering, coding and application skills.

Chinese Immersion Program
Armed with extensive research proving that the first six years of a child’s life are the most effective time to acquire Language skills, the school offers a designated, experienced Chinese language educator in each class throughout the day. Thus, the environment is rich in culture, with concrete experiences and consistent exposure to language to form the backbone for children to build their Chinese vocabulary and writing skills.

United Nations Atelier
Raise a more globalised child and engage them in an array of activities relating to different countries, as they will move beyond ‘theory-based-cultural learning’ to an inter-disciplinary approach that inspires intercultural-intelligence in the United Nations Atelier. They’ll learn to foster community cohesion and develop cultural dexterity in our continuously evolving social fabric.

Music, Arts & Drama
With specialised studios for fine arts, music, and dance, Little Paddington’s creative ateliers emphasise a variety of art forms for early learners. These creative projects promote children’s aesthetic, imaginative, innovative, social and emotional experiences.

The Music Room is fully furnished with a variety of instruments such as the piano, drums, guitar and many others, which students get to interact with daily for music or dance. The Role Play room has a range of costumes, from occupational role play to cultural costumes, and even an indoor amphitheatre!

Outdoor Play
With a sensory garden, obstacle course, pirate ship, water and sand play stations and petting zoo with rabbits and birds, kids may never want to come back inside! The sensory garden serves to educate, allowing children to socialise and experience horticultural therapy through the stimulation of all five senses. The design of the sensory garden provides a stimulating journey to heighten every child’s awareness of their senses and enables them to experience and recognise different sights, sounds, textures, smells and tastes in a comfortable and calming environment.

All children (except infants) have water and sand play on a weekly basis, and the outdoor obstacle course is made up of a rock wall for climbing, rope climbing, and slides!

Unique Infant Care System
All infant cares (age 2 months to 7 years) are fully separated from the preschool (and with their own entrance) to maintain additional safety and hygiene for the little ones. Little Paddington’s infant care teachers are all first aid trained, and certified infant carers. The specialised infant care curriculum challenges and stimulates the development of babies and toddlers!

Amazing amenities are nothing if not coupled with passionate educators. With years of experience in the field of early education, the Little Paddington Preschool team strives to maintain international and local standards across all areas of practice. The highly passionate and qualified team comprises both curriculum specialists and English and Chinese language teachers. In addition, the school also engages specialists for art, science and sports to further enrich every child’s learning experience. The low student-teacher ratio (1:3 in Infant Care, 1:5 in Playgroup, 1:7 in N1, 1:8 in N2, and 1: 10 in K1 and K2) also ensures your kiddo gets the utmost attention from each of his/her teachers!

Little Paddington recognises that education is more than just curriculum guides or a series of activities. Learning is a process that takes place throughout the day, so every interaction from meals to playing to discovery is used as an opportunity to engage and educate.

Little Paddington Preschool Tanglin, 314 Tanglin Road #01-17, Singapore 247977, Tel: (+65) 9720 7679

Other Locations:
236 Turf Club Road, Near 6th Avenue, Singapore 287985
4 Jalan Tani, Singapore 548542

Brought to you in partnership with Little Paddington Preschool

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