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Montessori Kindergarten with Amazing Outdoor Play, Highly Rated Reading Programme & Performing Arts

Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten
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Are you looking for a preschool that balances academic excellence with plenty of outdoor play, creativity and performing arts?

‘Do you have a preschool sorted for your child?’ It’s a question that gets asked in many a mum’s meet up! Parents are often looking for a preschool that gives their little one lots of playtime, outdoor fun, social interaction and perhaps a start on phonics and reading. We’ve found a spot that does all this, and more! Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten caters to kids aged from 18 months to 7 years and boasts a beautiful outdoor space with a wooden playground with slides, a parent-supported reading programme and fantastic performing arts that encompass Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Musical Theatre and more!

Plenty of outdoor fun with an amazing playground

little hands montessori

When you visit Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten, the first thing you’ll notice is that the school is centrally located but manages to have a fantastic outdoor playground! We know that kids love playing and when they see what’s in store here, they’ll be jumping up and down to go to school every morning.

Montessori preschool

Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten

Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten is, as the name suggests, a Montessori-lead school. Their ethos revolves around recognizing that each individual is unique and should be respected and accepted for who they are. Each child has an individual learning plan, allowing them to learn at their own pace. A huge emphasis is put on building a good rapport between teachers and children and in this way children feel safe and secure to grow, learn and build a strong foundation to think for themselves.

Excellent Reading Programme

Classes at Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten are structured according to the child’s age and needs. Each day usually includes outdoor play, circle time, story time, Chinese class and either indoor play or performing arts class. There is also a parent-led and supported reading programme second to none. Having parents involved in their child’s education is hugely important for both parent and child. For parents, it’s also a lovely way to be involved in your child’s day at school and when reading practice is continued at home it’s a wonderful way to bond with your child.

Performing Arts and Incredible Holiday Camps

Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten

If you are looking to encourage your child to experience different performing arts within their school day without the need to chauffeur them around different enrichment centres after school, you’ll be pleased to know that Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten offers an excellent Performing Arts programme. Choose from Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, and even Musical Theatre! At the end of the year, the kids put on a concert that could open on Broadway!

Sassy Mama readers get a free performing arts class trial when you sign up before October 2022.

If you’re excited to see how much fun your child can have while they are learning, Whatsapp 96648969 to make an appointment to view Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten.

Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten, 2A Paterson Hill, [email protected], Whatsapp 96648969,

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