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Looking for a Forest Preschool for Your Child? Kanopy Forest Preschool Offers This and More!

forest preschool kanopy in singapore
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Interested to know how your child can benefit from a Forest School education? School tours are now open for Kanopy Forest Preschool where children learn in nature through a bilingual forest school programme!

If you are looking for a preschool that will equip your child with 21st-century skills in a learning environment that piques children’s natural curiosity, you’ll want to know all about the early years programme at Kanopy Forest Preschool. This preschool, suitable for children 18 months to 6 years old, follows the Forest School curriculum, an inspirational child-led nature-based learning approach. Level 3 trained Forest School practitioners are on hand at Kanopy Forest Preschool to support children to take risks and develop holistically as resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. Let’s see how Kanopy Forest Preschool’s unique outdoor experiences nurture children into curious and confident future leaders.

forest preschool kanopy in singapore

What can kids look forward to at Kanopy Forest Preschool?

If you are worried about your children growing up in an age of excessive screen time, the programme at Kanopy Forest Preschool helps counter this! Children spend time in nature every day. Not only will children get to climb trees and explore their natural surroundings, but they will also learn to collaborate with peers to problem-solve, reflect and develop new ideas.

Kanopy Forest Preschool’s approach is grounded on a child-directed learning approach that allows children to explore various topics through Project-Based Learning (for children in Pre-Nursery and above) and sensorial play (for children in Play Group). That means if children show a particular interest in a topic, more time can be spent on that to really deep dive into it. Children will grow in confidence as they share their knowledge with peers, strengthening their creativity, communication and collaboration skills.

A unique feature of Kanopy Forest Preschool is its bilingual programme, conducted by experienced Mandarin educators. During the daily outdoor time, children will expand their Mandarin vocabulary naturally for associated words along the way. For example, when children are planting seeds and looking after plants they will learn Mandarin words for vegetables, gardening and more.

Beyond developing children’s communication, collaboration, creativity and resilience, Kanopy Forest Preschool aims to develop the whole child through its proprietary Social Emotional Excellence Development (SEED) System, where the child is at the centre of the programme, supported by the community, a positive learning environment and a nurturing team of early childhood education specialists. Children will have ample opportunities to develop sustainable living habits and give back to the community through sustainability education programmes so that they will develop into nature-loving, independent and resilient changemakers.

forest preschool kanopy in singapore

Mud Kitchen, Camping & Edible Garden

Kanopy Forest Preschool classrooms are purposefully built by Early Childhood educators and experienced Forest School Leaders to create a warm and inviting space for children to play and explore. Some of the favourite places to explore include the signature Mud Kitchen and Sandpit (both important for sensory play), camping in the tepee tents (which encourages role play, communication and teamwork), and the Edible Garden.

If this sounds like the creative and forward-thinking type of education you want your child to experience, why not visit Kanopy Forest Preschool today. Book your school tour now!

Use promo code SASSYMAMAKANOPY and get an additional 10% off your first month’s school fees if you register on 11 June 2022 at the Kanopy Open House!

Kanopy Forest Preschool, 6 Jalan Keria, Mayfair Park, Singapore 588534, Tel: (+65) 98158849,

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