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Learning to Be a Global Citizen Starts in Childhood

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The Grange Institution believes quality education is the first step to inspiring global citizens and future leaders. Here’s how they do it!

In 2020 we are seeing how imperative global cooperation is to ensuring a better and more equitable Earth for all people. At Singapore international school The Grange Institution, students are true global citizens who see the Earth as their home, and recognise they have an active role to play in the communities in which they live. How is this achieved? The school aims to support the development of each and every ‘Grange Kid’ through its unique Cre8tors-in-Action© educational philosophy.

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8 Key Competencies of Cre8tors-in-Action©

Inside the classroom and out, Grange Kids are passionate individuals who understand and appreciate the independent-yet-interdependent relationships they have with others. The school seeks to cultivate eight key competencies that help its internationally-minded students develop a genuine respect for other people, plants, and animals. They are:

Construction and Design: The ability to conceptualise an idea and take it from design to the final product.
Respecting the environment: The ability to implement sustainable practices to care for, respect and protect the environment we interact with.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: The ability to identify a niche, conceptualise, market and deliver an idea, a product or a cause to a target audience.
Active Citizenship: The ability to take personal, localised or far-reaching action for causes they are passionate about.
Teamwork and Partnership: The ability to collaborate with different partners, adopting different roles in a group, to achieve a common goal.
Original Ideas: The ability to challenge their own thinking to come up with new and original ideas.
Recognising Issues: The ability to research and be aware of common issues affecting humanity on a personal, community or global basis.
Service Leadership: The ability to devote time and energy to community causes that they become passionate about.

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How the Cre8tors-in-Action Approach Creates Global Citizens

Grange Kids strive each and every day to cultivate eight key personal attributes that help them become responsible global citizens. These include core attributes like adaptability, collaboration, integrity, resilience and respect, which are just as important outside the classroom as they are inside of it. Other core values that help them on their learning journey include developing communication and critical thinking skills, along with an emphasis on inquiry that encourages students to ask and consider searching questions throughout their learning journey.

Learning to be Global Citizens from the Very Start

From the time they enter The Grange Institution in Year 1A (ages 5-6), Grange Kids appreciate and incorporate the key competencies of Cre8tors-in-Action into their daily lives. This is true whether learning in the classroom through the renowned Cambridge Primary Curriculum or International Primary Curriculum (IPC), or when interacting in the wider global community. Parents appreciate this thoughtful and holistic approach to learning, and they also appreciate The Grange’s reasonable school fees, which come in at under $20,000 annually.

For a limited time, enjoy an application fee waiver of $500 and 50% off the enrolment fee, for a total savings of $1,500. Book your tour today!

If you want a school that gives your child a dynamic and creative environment that constantly inspires excellence while developing respectful, responsible and innovative global citizens, contact The Grange Institution today!

The Grange Institution, 449 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 805946, Tel: (+65) 6817 3630, [email protected]

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