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The School With A Programme For High Achievers: Could Your Child Be One Of Them?

GESS International School excellence
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GESS – International School is a school of possibilities where every child gets the freedom to grow into high flyers

Looking for an IB curriculum for your child where they will be given plenty of opportunities to stretch their potential? Check out the not-for-profit GESS – International School that offers every child from 2 to 18 years the freedom to grow. GESS – International School has a strong academic track record, over 90 co-curricular activities and a Centre for Excellence that offers high-potential students opportunities to explore their talents and interests.

The GESS Excellence Programme for high achievers

The GESS Excellence Programme is in its second year and has created many avenues for high-potential students to explore their  talents in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. If you proudly think your child is a high achiever, this school could help them soar! On top of the regular curriculum, there are over 40 other opportunities available for those who are open to flying high. GESS teachers are trained to guide high-performing students to prepare them for different opportunities on offer which include the Science Centre’s Young Scientists Programme, International Junior Science Olympiad and more.

The Junior Engineer Academy is an important part of the excellence programme. The first of its kind outside of Europe, the Junior Engineer Academy supports Grade 8 and 9 students with a strong inclination towards engineering fields. Right now students are working on constructing a fully habitable tiny house on campus, creating drones and upcycling computers to continue to hone their independent research and learning skills. It’s amazing to see what the students come up with when they are given the freedom to grow!

GESS International excellence programme

Combining classroom learning with knowledge from industry leaders

As your child gets older, they will want to understand the real-life applications of what they are learning. GESS brings this knowledge to life by connecting students to industry professionals and experts. There have been talks by professors from the world-renowned Technical University of Munich, industry experts from Volocopter who are working on air taxis and geo-political experts like the former Ambassador to New Zealand. These industry leaders share their knowledge and expertise with students, and in doing so help cultivate their interests and show them potential future pathways. This insight inspires students and gives them the confidence they need to participate in a world that is speeding ahead with technological developments.

At GESS- International school, every child gets the freedom to grow at a pace that is motivating. Keen to see how your child can benefit from the opportunities available at this school? Discover GESS – International School for yourself – book a tour now.

GESS – International School, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with GESS - International School

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