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Personalised Art Classes for Kids and Adults at Arthaus

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Cozy and stress-free art classes with flexible scheduling, and a 20% discount for Sassy Mamas and their kiddos!

If exploration and discovery are your main objectives when it comes to art classes, ARThaus is the perfect place to expand your skills, mama! Founded by Masters in Fine Arts graduate Carolyn Law (who has been teaching art for 15 years!), this fine arts-based studio aims to create a space where adults and children alike can express their creativity freely in a stress-free environment.

Every class is personalised, which means enthusiasts of all levels are welcome and instructors work to teach you in your area of interest. No segregation here – all students are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace. From drawing, oil painting and watercolour for adults to acrylic painting, use of charcoal and pastels for kids (only the top artist-quality materials are used in every class), ARThaus aims to maximise your potential with guidance from their experienced educators.

The small class size (12 students max) and ideal teacher to student ratio (1:6) also ensure that every student gets ample attention, giving you the confidence to unleash your wild art side!

Not sure if you or your little one can commit to the same class schedule every week? You’ll be happy to know that ARThaus offers flexible sessions, making it easy for you to plan your classes at your convenience. There are also plenty of holiday programmes running throughout the year to choose from, catering to both local and international school holidays!

For more serious participants looking to hone their skills, ARThaus also offers a curriculum-based programme that includes Portfolio Preparation for students getting ready to pursue education in the arts.

Get ready for a fulfilling and enriching experience at ARThaus, mama!

Quote “Sassy ARThaus” to get a free 2-hour Artjam session (Acrylic on Canvas) for one parent OR 20% off every new Regular Kids Art Program sign-up (for one-time new sign ups only).

ARThaus Singapore, 901A Bukit Timah Road Singapore, Singapore 589619, Tel: (+65) 9023 0458, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with ARThaus. All images by ARThaus

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