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Korla Home: Fab Printed Fabrics to add style to your home

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After moving to Singapore at the end of 2012, we changed from living in a rather pokey, typical old Hong Kong three-bedroom apartment where we were super-squished, to a suddenly rather airy, and super-modern Singapore condo. After whirling around, arms outstretched, and taking delight in the fact that my daughter could run from one end of the flat to the other without bumping into anything, we got down to the serious business of decorating all that delicious new space.

Seacoral Kyoto Koi sofa

I’ve always loved a lot of colour in my surroundings, but am also addicted to change (yep, I’m fickle), so I tend to go very neutral and light with sofas and furniture, but get bright pops of colour with cushions and prints on the walls. I hate to commit to a particular colour scheme for long, which is why my husband teases me that I can’t go a month without buying a new cushion  — I’ll see a photo on Pinterest or something in a store and suddenly I’m wishing I could change everything from blue to yellow, or pink to purple!

When I discovered Korla Home’s range of fabrics (hurray for a fab local brand!) I was super-excited by their huge range of brightly coloured prints, all with a modern Asian feel (and names like Kyoto Koi, Kerala Cherry and Bhutan Lattice). The best thing for me? You can mix and match to your heart’s content, trying out different combinations in their virtual showroom to see how they go together. Funnily enough, if you stick to just two colours, nearly any pattern will look good mixed with any other!


Korla Home’s range of products is fabulous too –you can shop for cushions, lampshades, blinds and curtains, or you can buy fabric by the metre for custom upholstery projects. Check out Korla’s range for Fred Lives Here so you can see the kind of fun furniture items that can get an extra dose of cool by being covered in a fab fabric! Inspired, I filled up my shopping cart with some big Alhambra Stars print-cushions in Mustard (actually a warm yellow – mustard sounds a bit yuck doesn’t it?). When they arrived I was pretty thrilled – the fabrics are just such great quality and the colours are vibrant and eye-catching, working well in Singapore’s tropical light. I had originally planned to use them in our office/guest bedroom/general dumping ground, but they were so fab they moved straight to pride of place in the living room.


It seems my colour addiction has a new focus now… I’m already browsing for my next fave Korla print to mix into my home! Wings? Penelope? Cubes? There’s just too much to lust after!

Prices for cushions (cover only) start from around $30 for a small, un-piped version. Fabric starts from around $30 per metre. Korla ship both locally and internationally.


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