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The best steak you’ll ever have: Dry-aged Meat at Huber’s Butchery

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Want to know how you can cook steak at home like the pros at Huber’s Butchery? The secret’s in their brand new dry aging chiller!

If you’ve been reading our posts from the beginning of the year mama, you’ll know that we LOVE Huber’s Butchery. This awesome one-stop shop for high-quality meats and gourmet groceries is a family business that opened their first shop on Dempsey Hill back in 2009, and have now expanded to a massive 13,000-square feet location to stock up all your gourmet faves.

dry age meat huber's butchery

The newest addition to the grocer? Their Huber’s quality dry-aged meat chiller! Dry aging is a process where primal cuts of beef are stored at chilled temperature with controlled airflow and humidity for extended periods of time (usually 21 to 120 days) without protective packaging. The result is incredibly tender beef with a greater concentration of natural beef flavour and taste!

This might shock you mama, but the dry-aging process promotes the growth of fungal species or mould on the outside of the meat. But before you pull a face and sweat off delicious meat forever, just know the layer of mould that forms an external crust on the meat’s surface only protects the meat inside and allows for controlled evaporation of moisture; this is not harmful to health when properly and adequately trimmed off before cooking. Plus, Huber’s goes the extra step by using UV lights to kill unwanted bacteria.

Says food scientist Harold McGee: “When we create such conditions, we allow enzymes to do their work. And we end up with a complexity of flavour— savouriness, sweetness, some bitterness, that just wasn’t there before. There’s no cooking method that can generate the depth of flavour of a dry-aged piece of meat.

huber's butchery meat selection

Only the best beef is chosen for dry aging at Huber’s, mama, such as Pure Black Tasmanian MB 2+ grass fed Angus beef and Stockyard 200+ day grain fed Angus beef. The dry-aged meat will be deliciously juicy when cooked, and even tastier than usual! Huber’s now has a dry aging cabinet in its store at Dempsey that takes in customised dry aging requests. You can now choose your desired beef from their counters and have it aged up to 90 days on their premises for less than $50 (excluding cost of meat)! What’s more, you can swing by anytime during business hours and see how your beef is aging!

We don’t know about you mamas, but we plan on choosing dry-aged meat every chance we get from now on! We’re already dreaming of tender steaks on this side…

Huber’s Butchery, 22 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679 (Free parking available!), Tel: (+65) 6737 1588, [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with Huber's Butchery

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