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The Unrivalled Global Power of a GEMS Education

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GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is one of Singapore’s leading international schools thanks to its high-quality teaching, which comes from decades of experience at top schools around the world

We’ve told you lots about GEMS World Academy (Singapore) – GWA for short – mama, but how much do you know about its decades-long history, rich teaching tradition, and extensive global reach? Did you know, for instance, that GWA has over 20,000 teachers spread across its network of 87 schools spanning 13 countries (and counting!) around the globe? Or that it’s actually the largest owner and provider of Kindergarten-to-Grade-12 schools in the world? That equals a global network of best practices and collaboration unrivalled by any other educational organisation.

Varkey family original GEMS School Dubai

It all started with a couple – K.S. and Mariama Varkey – who moved to Dubai from India in 1959 to work as teachers. Responding to a burgeoning need for schools that could cater to international students, the Varkeys founded their own school in Dubai in 1968, and by 1980 the school had grown so popular that GEMS expanded to more schools across Dubai. Today GEMS is the world’s largest K-12 school operator.

From its simple origins in a family of teachers to today’s global GEMS Education network, the core mission of GEMS has been to provide quality education to all children. At the heart of this mission is a total commitment to quality teaching: This starts from the top with Chief Academic Officer Tony Little, formerly Headmaster of the prestigious Eton College in the UK, who leads the global academic mission along with Director of Innovation Jeffrey Beard, formerly Director General of the International Baccalaureate (IB) organisation. In Singapore, GWA Head of School David Edwards brings many years of teaching leadership experience both in and out of Singapore. School finishes early on Fridays so all staff can engage in Personal Development sessions to stay on top of the latest developments in teaching and pedagogy.

Quality teaching is the number one factor in creating successful student educational outcomes (more than classroom size, or quality of facilities), and GWA is committed to giving its students the very best teachers and learning experience.

art teacher and students at gems world academy singapore

Even beyond GWA schools, GEMS is dedicated to improving educational standards throughout the world. Through its philanthropic arm, The Varkey Foundation, it aims to impact 100 underprivileged students for every single student enrolled at a GEMS School in Singapore and worldwide, whether through teacher training, advocacy campaigns, or building classrooms and education facilities. GEMS is all about making quality education accessible to every student. The Varkey Foundation also created the $1 million Global Teacher Prize, to raise awareness for the often under-valued teaching profession and to annually recognise an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to education.

Want to find out how your child can become part of the world’s largest and most dynamic educational family, mama, with decades of quality teaching to back it up? Arrange a school tour of GWA today!

GEMS World Academy (Singapore), 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, Tel: (+65) 6808 7300

Brought to you in partnership with GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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