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Singapore Beach Cleanup: How to Reduce Waste and Get Kids Involved

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Beach cleanups are a great way to clean up our littered beaches, waterways and parks while teaching kids about environmentalism

Please welcome mama of two (and amazing photographer!Robin Hayes to share her story about getting involved with beach cleanups, and why it’s so important to share the experience with our kids. 

One day, after a bike ride to East Coast Park with my son we passed a mother and her son cleaning up the beach. My son was so inspired that he asked if we could bring gloves and trash bags the next time we came to the beach. We reached out to our friends to join us. At the first cleanup there were only four kids and three adults. We were so proud of (and horrified at) how much trash we picked up in just 45 minutes.

For the next cleanup we posted it to the Expat Wives Facebook group. This time around 20 people met us at East Coast Park for an hour with their gloves, tongs and rubbish bags. We collected everything from straws and lolly sticks, cigarette butts, water bottles and food wrappers, to plastic cutlery and large crates.

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In just under an hour we collected 10 garbage bags’ worth of rubbish from a stretch of beach less then 30 meters long. For our third clean up around 70 people came! We are now joining forces with Trash Hero Singapore and plan to do one cleanup each month, at different locations around the island.

The great thing about encouraging kids to be involved with the clean-up is not only are they proud that they are saving animals and contributing to making the planet cleaner, but they are also able to make the connection about the plastic they use on a daily basis and understand how their personal and family consumption contributes to the to the trash they are seeing on the beach.

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Keep an eye out for more upcoming cleanups:

  • Saturday, 15 September, 8:30am at Coney Island
  • Sunday, September 23, 9am, East Coast Seafood Centre, 1206 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449883
  • Tuesday, 23 October, 9:30am Starbucks at Parkland Green, 920 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449875

If you’re keen to organise your own beach cleanup with your friends, neighbours or school group, start by checking out this important info from the Singapore Hygiene Council.

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For more info, contact Robin Hayes at [email protected].

Finally, if you’re looking for more ways to help keep Singapore clean (not to mention meet likeminded families and teach your kiddos important lessons about the environment and sustainability), check out these Singapore organisations:

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Trash Hero Singapore

Zero Waste Singapore

Images by Robin Hayes

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