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Professional & Affordable: International Moving Services by Boxchain-Moving

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Looking for an international mover who really knows their stuff (and yours), mama? Boxchain-Moving could be your solution

If you’re in the midst of moving out of Singapore, you’re probably going through a stressful process. On top of all the paperwork and sorting out the arrangements for your kids’ schools, lodging in your next destination, and whether you’ll know anyone in this new foreign city you’re about to relocate to… the most important part is probably wondering what’s going to happen to all your belongings. 

No one understands your relocation needs as well as Boxchain-Moving. They’re part of the expat community, so they’ve experienced overseas moves themselves! Owned and operated by UK-based moving company Icon Relocation, Boxchain-Moving offers simple, straightforward and relevant pricing for the modern market. At the helm of operations in Singapore is James Sanderson, who has been in the moving business for a total of 21 years (six of those in Singapore!). James is your point of contact from start to finish of your move. With decades of experience in the International Moving industry, your items will be in good hands!

Looking for options? Their Boxchain Lite service puts you in control of the move, allowing you to only pay for the volume you use while you take care of the packing. This is great for smaller volumes, with a low cost solution. Boxchain-Moving’s services are not just limited to household moving. They can also take care of small shipments that need to be sent home or vice versa, and transfer household effects between your homes here and abroad. It’s not just the final move home!

Boxchain Lite Plus adds the convenience of a crew packing your shipment under your direction if you’ve got a bigger load. For full container loads, Boxchain-Moving offers the ‘CTR’ service with full packing of a 20ft or 40ft container.

Boxchain-Moving keeps their overhead costs down to keep your move costs to a minimum. They’ve got community at their core, and understand exactly what’s required to move your personal possessions in a professional and efficient way – without costing the earth!

Contact them for a quote now, mama!

Brought to you in partnership with Boxchain-Moving

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