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Kid-friendly Guide to Qian Hu Fish Farm

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Take the kiddos to Qian Hu Fish Farm, where entry is FREE and little ones can fish for their own guppies (longkang fishing!) to take home

Living in the north side of Singapore pretty much all my life means discovering hidden gems on the West side of town is pretty crucial. My parents used to take us to Qian Hu Fish Farm in Choa Chu Kang every weekend when we were kids, and I remember being so delighted by the sight of huge tanks filled with fish like koi and arowana. So we recently decided to go down memory lane and rediscover this fun attraction with our one-year-old in tow!

Qian Hu Fish Farm is home to over 1,000 species and varieties of ornamental fish from all over the world. What started as a family business has now turned into a hot spot for aquatic fish owners from all over the island seeking colourful fish, unique marine life (albino turtles and polkadot stingrays are just a few that caught our eye!) and aquarium accessories like aquatic plants and tanks. But what really keeps families coming back has to be the free entry and super-fun longkang fishing… keep scrolling to find out more!

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What to see at Qian Hu Fish Farm
Things to do at Qian Hu Fish Farm
Qian Hu Café
Tips for Mamas
How to Get to Qian Hu Fish Farm

What to See

qian hu fish farm free tanks fish stingray

If you’re an ornamental fish aficionado, Qian Hu Fish Farm will be a haven for you! For the rest of us regular fish-admiring folk, the aisles of tanks at the entrance and in the Fish Gallery are more than enough to keep us looking in awe at all the colourful fish and marine life, including prawns, stingrays, frogs, eels and turtles. There’s also a section displaying a variety of aquatic snails and plants!

Things to Do: Longkang Fishing, Fish Spa & Aquarium-making Workshop

qian hu fish farm longkang fishing

Longkang Fishing

‘Longkang’ is the Malay word for ‘drain’, referring to the well-loved pastime of catching fish along canals and streams in olden day Singapore. Qian Hu Fish Farm features a cluster of ponds and canals that allows kids to catch guppies with a little net and fish tank! The fish you catch are yours to keep at no extra charge.
How much: $6/person for 30 minutes (although we noticed there wasn’t anyone keeping time, so you could really fish however long you want!). Price includes a net and plastic fish tank.

qian hu fish farm fish spa

Fish Spa

Treat yourself to a little spa moment (albeit ticklish!) by soaking your feet in the Qian Hu Fish Spa! The Garra Rufa fish thrives on dead skin cells and will help to provide your tired feet with natural exfoliation with their painless nibbling.
How much: $10/adult; $5/child for 30 minutes
*Covid-19 advisory: Although the Facebook page has updated that this is now open, we did not see anyone manning the counter for the Fish Spa and were told it’s currently not available. We advise checking with the staff on the Qian Hu Fish Spa availability while you’re there.

qian hu fish farm aquarium workshop


Qian Hu Fish Farm has a workshop area for kids to make their own aquariums! We highly recommend this for some parent-child bonding.
How much: $15, includes an apron, plastic fish tank, stream pebbles and tank decorations. Fish are sold separately.

qian hu fish farm cafe

Qian Hu Café

After a day of longkang fishing and discovering all that the fish farm has to offer, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an on-site café well-stocked with snacks, drinks and ice cream! If you’re not keen on the the array of potato chips on offer, there’s also steamed buns (pau) and other hot finger food available.

qian hu fish farm guide kid friendly

Tips for Visiting Qian Hu Fish Farm

As with most outdoor areas in Singapore, make sure you slap on the sunscreen and have some mosquito repellant handy when visiting the fish farm. Dress comfortably too as it is an entirely open-air farm with almost no air conditioning.

Don’t be afraid to bring your stroller! Our little one was on her trike almost the entire time and we had no problems manoeuvring it around the fish farm. We also appreciated that it was mostly sheltered, save for the fishing ponds and car park.

qian hu fish farm free shuttle bus service

How to Get There: By Car or Shuttle Bus Service

Qian Hu Fish Farm is located along Jalan Lekar, past the SPCA and surrounded by a number of plant nurseries (shout out to all you plant parents!).

Besides getting there by car, taxi or private hire, there’s also a free shuttle bus service to and from Keat Hong Community Centre, right opposite Lot One Shopping Centre near Choa Chu Kang MRT/LRT.

The free shuttle bus service is available Mondays to Sundays, including Public Holidays, unless otherwise stated. Check out the schedule here.

Have a splashing good time, mama!

Qian Hu Fish Farm, 71 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698950

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday & Eve of Holiday : 9am – 6pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday : 9 am – 7pm

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Fish spa and shuttle bus images courtesy of Yi Hu Fish Farm Trading. Lead image and fish spa image courtesy of Michell Tam. All other images courtesy of the author

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