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The New CHI Well Baby Clinic Makes Parenting a New Baby Just a Bit Less Scary!

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Having a baby can be both an enjoyable and challenging time for parents. Complete Healthcare International‘s new Well Baby Clinic gives you peace of mind, mama!

We’ve been there: welcoming a new baby can be absolutely terrifying, because with everything from breastfeeding to bowel movements, how are we supposed to know what’s normal?! You can breathe easy, mamas: the all-new Well Baby Clinic at Complete Healthcare International (CHI) provides regular and easy access to healthcare advice to support parents and their new baby in order to help identify problems and provide optimal care. We spoke with Dr Sundus Hussain-Morgan to find out more!

What is a Well Baby Clinic?
At the CHI Well Baby Clinic, doctors provide regular physical examinations and development checks to ensure your baby is reaching the necessary age-appropriate milestones. This allows for early detection of health-related problems so they can be managed in a timely fashion.

Who are Well Baby Clinics for?
Well Baby checks are recommended for all babies, but particularly those who are born prematurely or have had medical problems detected in-utero or after birth.

Having a new baby, however, is not just all about the baby. Parents may also require support and education after bringing a little one home. A Well Baby Clinic can provide you with this to ensure that your parenthood journey is positive right from the start.

When should I start taking my baby to the Well Baby Clinic?
Soon after birth, a newborn check will be carried out in the hospital. Once you’re home, a follow-up appointment with your paediatrician or at a Well Baby Clinic can be arranged.

Scheduled developmental screenings are recommended in the first year and onward. The timing of these screenings can vary depending on your country-specific recommendations and can be tailored accordingly.

What can I expect during my visit? What services are provided?
During a visit, you can expect the following to be performed by the doctor and nurse:

  • Physical examination: Your doctor will do a full head-to-toe examination of your baby, including a check of the baby’s head, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, lungs, abdomen, hips, limbs, skin and genitalia.
  • Developmental check: Your doctor will ask you a series of questions and carry out specific baby examinations to ensure that age-appropriate milestones are reached. Fine and gross motor skills as well as language and socialisation skills are assessed. With careful assessment and regular reviews, early detection and appropriate management of a developmental delay can minimise long-term effects.
  • Growth check: The Well Baby Clinic nurse will weigh your baby as well as measure head circumference and length. A record is kept in the baby’s personal growth chart and this is reviewed at each visit to ensure that your baby is growing as expected. You may be asked to return for additional visits if there are concerns about growth or if you would like to monitor you baby’s growth more frequently if you have concerns about your baby’s feeding.
  • Vaccination review and administration: Vaccination schedules vary from country to country, so a thorough discussion with your doctor can provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice regarding immunisations. You will also receive post-vaccination advice and a reminder of when the next vaccination is scheduled.
  • Support and health education: The well-being of your baby is paramount. Well Baby Clinics can offer you evidence-based health education on common baby related issues such as colic, nappy rash and oral thrush. This will help to prevent a problem from taking hold and allows you to seek treatment early should a problem arise.

What else?
The CHI Well Baby Clinic provides additional services to further support parents. These include:

  • General baby care advice, such as bathing and skincare
  • Lactation and bottle-feeding support
  • Advice on weaning onto solids
  • Advice on sleep
  • Baby safety and first aid education for the baby’s care-givers
  • Travel advice and baby care in a tropical climate
  • Assessment of the mother’s physical and mental well-being and providing support for at-risk mothers

There are many benefits of attending a Well Baby Clinic, not only the regular medical checks and vaccinations of your baby but also providing education and support to the parents.

Here’s to all parents who do an amazing job everyday!

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