13 - 21 Mar‘21

Balloonacy: Mime Comedy at Marina Bay Sands Theatre

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Balloonacy: 45 minute mime comedy show for kids: 10am, 12:30, 3pm, 5:30pm

BASE Entertainment Asia and Centre Stage School of the Arts welcome our young audience to forge a special friendship this March holidays with the award-winning production, Balloonacy, adapted for the stage by Barry Kornhauser and produced by special arrangement with Plays for New Audiences.

The story follows an old curmudgeon man celebrating his birthday alone and is interrupted by the presence of a magical red balloon that drifts into his apartment. Everything changes for him when he is forced to share his home with a lithe and lively balloon, which teases him out of his solitary funk.

Combining the imaginative power of play and elements of mime, clowning and more, Balloonacy is a no-dialogue, one-performer show that presents a series of comical and touching moments where the old man and the balloon explore the power of friendship and discover how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere.

Balloonacy is recommended for children between the ages of 2 to 6. This is a safe and socially distanced show that will be performed to a 100-pax capacity.

Image via Flickr by A.D. Players at the George. (Actor/set at Ballonacy Singapore edition may vary).

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Marina Bay Sands Theatre
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore , 018956