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Siberian Wild: 100% Natural Fruit Juice for Kids with No Sugar Added, so it’s Mum-Approved!

Siberian wild bilberry juice no sugar added for kids
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Siberian Wild is a new, 100% natural fruit juice made with wild berries and iron-rich pine needles that looks to be a hit with mamas and kids alike

Looking for an alternative to sugary pop drinks or juices made from concentrate with little nutritional value? Siberian Wild is a 100% natural fruit juice of pure honest goodness. It’s made from wild berries and flavoured with pine needles harvested from pristine Siberian forests. It also contains Australian apples and other fruit with absolutely no nasties (no added sugar, no artificial colours, no pesticides and no artificial flavourings)!

Siberian Wild juice range comes in three natural flavours

Siberian Wild Juice: what’s in it?

Siberian Wild Juice is made with hand-harvested wild berries that are reputed to have twice the antioxidants as farmed berries, as well as pine needles sustainably harvested so as not to structurally damage the pristine forests of Siberia. That means these ingredients are pesticide-free and full of goodness. Pine needles are ground and undergo a patented extraction process to collect Bio Effective™, a vibrant red concentrate which contains a natural complex of iron and the potent antioxidant, maltol as well as vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Australian pink lady apples were especially chosen for their natural sweetness in the juice range, along with Australian grape juice. At 6.5gm of natural sugar per serving, Siberian Wild has only 20% of the natural sugar found in similar products of other brands, making it a healthier choice. 

Kids will love it

Kids will love the great taste of Siberian Wild. Three refreshing flavours – Blueberry (Blueberry Snow), Bilberry (Bilberry Chill) and Cranberry (Cranberry Winter) – come in single servings with the cute “chief berry taster” Tomski on the cartons. Tomski lives in snowy Siberia and just loves his Siberian Wild berries chilled, but if you don’t have your own snowstorm at home, keep your Siberian Wild juice in the fridge for an icy afternoon treat!

Tomski sends regular updates from snowy Siberia so you can follow his adventures on Instagram!

Mums will love it, too

Mums and dads have to be on board with what they are letting their kiddos drink, and Siberian Wild juice range is sure to earn parental approval. The great taste is completely natural — there’s no added sugar and none of the commercial nasties like colour, additives or flavouring that’s often found in other children’s drinks.

Siberian Wild Juice no sugar added.
Siberian Wild Juice has NO sugar added

Want to know more? Get your kiddos to download the Siberian Wild app to check out the hilarious Tomski berry dance (mamas are welcome to join in, too, FYI).

Keen to get your kids drinking Siberian Wild juice? Spend $40 on the Siberian Wild juice range and get $20 off on Redmart with coupon code 20OFF40 (offer expires 11 November 2019).

Get all three juices at Redmart and coming soon at Qoo10!

Siberian Wild,, @tomksiclub

Brought to you in partnership with Siberian Wild

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