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How to Get On Board with Healthy Flexitarian Eating (Hint: Consider the Source of Your Meat & Seafood!)

High quality hormone-free meat and chicken from sasha's fine foods
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Thought about going Flexitarian? Eating higher quality meat and seafood that’s been sustainably and conscientiously produced has a positive impact on the environment…as well as your health

My family recently tried going flexitarian, in other words, treating vegetables as more than just a side dish and only going for the highest quality meat and seafood when we do incorporate it into meals. My biggest concern with meat and seafood is knowing where it comes from, what it has been fed, and whether it has been ethically treated. Enter Sasha’s Fine Foods!

Sasha’s Fine Foods is an online grocer that takes pride in sourcing exceptional meat, fish, and poultry from the little guy (versus the mass producers).  The founder, Sasha, visits and vets each and every source to ensure that they are in line with her strict quality standards and have no hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

sasha's fine foods online grocery delivery
Sasha, the founder of Sasha’s Fine Foods and Iz Mar, one of the delivery drivers

Conscientious, Sustainably Sourced Products

At the core of Sasha’s ethos is understanding where her products come from and making sure they have been produced and delivered with care and respect for the animals, the environment and the individuals who bring them to you through every step of the supply chain.

Sasha’s Fine Foods conveniently also carry staples like eggs, milk, vegetables and fruit, and healthy snacks, along with ready-made meals ranging from lasagne and chilli con carne, to pizza and jackfruit curry. You can be sure that the same rigorous vetting process has been carried out for everything available on the online grocer site.

highest quality meat and seafood from Sasha's fine foods
Delicious high quality meat and seafood from Sasha’s Fine Foods

Taste the Quality

Knowing that the produce at Sasha’s Fine Foods has been conscientiously and sustainably produced is one thing, but this high quality also translates to your plate. All the meat, seafood, vegetables and produce from Sasha’s Fine Foods tastes amazing because it is real food that has been produced as nature intended (no additives, antibiotics, hormones or accelerated growth farming techniques). You’ll taste the delicious difference whether it’s in a juicy red tomato that’s been sun-ripened or a tender perfectly marbled piece of Australian Black Angus Ribeye that’s been grass-fed.

Sasha, the founder at Mount Cook, Sutton Hoo and Wicks Manor, inspecting produce
Sasha, the founder at Mount Cook, Sutton Hoo and Wicks Manor, inspecting produce

Highest Quality Meat, Seafood, Poultry and Produce 

For our special meat-focused meals, my family put Sasha’s Fine Foods to the test. We found Sasha’s Welsh lamb cutlets to be restaurant quality (they’ve been awarded the sought-after PGI status, to guarantee their premium quality) and the tender succulent meat has no hint of gamey-ness. While the sashimi-grade NZ Salmon (above in leading image) is on the family wish list for an occasional sushi treat – even the kids will eat this clean tasting premium salmon, completely raw. Sasha’s Fine Foods stocks plenty of other dinner options too, from vegetables bursting in colour to meat-free Beyond burgers (“I can’t believe it’s not real meat” said my 7-year-old), fish pie made in-house, and other upmarket readymade meals.

Sasha’s Fine Foods really supports local producers and has a particularly amazing local fish selection — their firm Barramundi fillets made into delicious fish fingers are now a new kids’ favourite and will be on our weekly menu.

Call it psychological, but knowing that we are eating high-quality products vetted by Sasha herself truly adds to our enjoyment of the meat and fish. Anyone who has ever tried to ask their local supermarket employee questions about fish origin and what is fed to farmed fish will appreciate how reassuring it is to have someone trusted like Sasha do the research for you; everything on her site has been Sasha-approved! Check out the video below of Sasha’s visit to the beautiful Mt Barker Free-Range Chicken Farm (not a battery hen in sight!) and you’ll know what I mean.

Sasha’s visit to Mount Barker Free-Range Chicken Farm, Australia

Subscription service

Busy parents will love Sasha’s Fine Foods’ newly launched, fully personalised subscription service, which gives you the option of automating the delivery of some of your much loved items. There’s also a very generous loyalty program after your first order.

You lucky lot can get 15% off Sasha’s Fine Foods by quoting SFFSASSY when you place an order! Valid for all first time customers (excludes promotional items and alcohol) until Sept 2020. Order online here.

You can expect delivery to your door by Sasha’s own fleet of delivery trucks and drivers to ensure a seamless service. Delivery can be on the same day (minimum $150 spend for same day delivery, order by 3pm) at 2-hour time slots, or spend $100 to qualify for Free Next Day Delivery (order by 5pm).

My family totally embraced this new approach to eating the highest quality meat and seafood that has been conscientiously and sustainably sourced, while packing in as many vegetable meals throughout the week as possible. We see it as making one small change that will positively impact our own health and the future of the environment.

Sasha’s Fine Foods, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6273 0752,

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