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Easy DIY Halloween Costume Video: How to Make a Fox Face Mask & Ears

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Get into the spirit of Halloween by giving your regular face mask a little spooky touch! Watch our video on how to make an easy DIY Halloween costume with a fox face mask and ears.

Here’s a little Halloween outfit you can make for your kids that doesn’t require them dressing up in a sweaty full body costume made from polyester! Plus as we are reusing a government issued mask, this Halloween look will be safe to go out and about with. Your kids could even wear this mask to school depending on your school’s rules for masks!

DIY Halloween Craft: Fox Mask & Ears

Craft supplies

What You’ll Need

  • Reusable cloth mask
  • White, black and orange felt
  • Needle & thread
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Headband


  1. Take a reusable mask and fold it in half, then pull it out to expand it fully.
  2. Fold orange felt in half and line the top part of the mask onto the orange felt. Ensure that folded sides of the mask and felt are facing the same way.
  3. Trace the outline of the mask onto the orange felt.
  4. Draw a wavy line across the top of the orange felt and cut across.
  5. Keep the wavy shape and discard leftover felt. This will be the fox’s face.
  6. Cut a small triangle from the corner of the black felt. Trim the sides to make a rounded fox’s nose.
  7. Fold the leftover black felt in half and cut a letter ‘J’. Open this out to be the fox’s mouth.
  8. Align the top part of the orange felt to the mask and sew (or use a hot glue gun) across. Align the fox’s nose and mouth to the tip of the orange felt and sew onto the orange felt (not onto the white mask).
  9. For the ears, take the leftover orange felt, fold in half and draw a long rounded triangle. Cut the two ear shapes out. To make the inner ear cut the same shape but smaller from the folded white felt. Sew (or hot glue gun) the white felt ontop of the orange felt.
  10. Take a headband, wrap the bottom part of the ear around it and sew it across to fix onto the headband.

Voilà! Your fox mask and ears Halloween costume is done!

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