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9 Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids (& Some Are Sugar-Free!)

halloween recipes
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Ready for Halloween’s treats? Deliciously spooky kid-friendly Halloween recipes to delight the kids

Getting ready for that Halloween party at home this year? If you are planning some Halloween recipes for the kids check out these themed cookies, mains and snacks for a spooktastic twist to  Halloween food. Get the kids involved in making these easy (and often healthy) recipes – after all your little gremlins will already have had their fill of store-bought Halloween candy! Whether your kids are getting all dressed up this year in ghoulish costumes for a small party at home or whether you are just having Halloween movie night at home, here are some fun snacks and treats to go with the Halloween theme.


1. Spooktastic Cookies: DIY or Halloween Baking Kits

Shhhh don’t tell Santa, but we sometimes make Santa cookies in Halloween-themed shapes and call them Halloween cookies. If that is too much effort and you don’t have all the cookie-cutter gear (hey, we are busy mums we hear ya!) then why not hit up Bisou Bake Shop’s new Halloween-themed baking kits! These kits have all the dry ingredients that you’ll need to make and decorate colourful spooktastic Halloween cookies with the kids – even the cookie cutters, baking paper, piping bags and sprinkles are included! All you need to add are eggs and butter. Choose from either the Spooky or the Creepy Halloween kits (the difference is in the cookie cutter shapes – you’ll get three with each kit).  Spooky kits have a Pumpkin, Flying Ghost and Spider Web cookie cutter, while Creepy kits have a Bat, Witch’s Hat and Floating Ghost cookie cutter.

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halloween recipes

2. Veggie Skeleton

Make veggies cool again with this fun vegetable platter of crudités! Use red peppers, yellow peppers, carrots, cucumber, and celery for the skeleton bones and a little bowl of dip for the skull!

halloween cookies easy recipes

3. Candy Corn Halloween Cookies

These five ingredient, candy corn inspired sugar cookies just scream Halloween with their bright pumpkin orange colours. Check out the recipe by The Simple-SweetLife.

halloween party singapore

4. Spookify Ready-Made Snacks

We talk about some easy ways to make your own Halloween party at home here. One of our contributor’s ideas was to spookify ready-made snacks if you don’t have time to make your own from scratch! Grab some ready-made fun snacks from stores, and you can even just add spooky elements like vampire’s teeth to ring doughnuts, gummy worms to chocolate mousse or wrap some pastry around some hotdog sausages for a mummy-effect.

5.Watermelon Monster

Halloween recipes don’t always have to be sugar loaded! We told you about carving up cheaper pumpkin alternatives to make Jack’O Lanterns. Using a watermelon instead of a pumpkin means you can present the Jack’O Lantern as an edible centrepiece too! Just carefully carve your watermelon and save the fruit to spill out of the monster’s mouth together with pineapple and any other fruit you have at hand.

halloween recipes

6. Eyeball Pasta

If you are looking to spook out your little devils on pasta night, we recommend this super easy and visually arresting Eyeball Pasta by Spend with Pennies.

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7. Jack-o-lantern Cheesy Quesadillas

If your carving skills are fine-tuned from all that faux-pumpkin carving, this will be a cinch! Simply grab two tortilla wraps, carve a jack-o-lantern face in the second one, sprinkle cheese (Red Leicester is great for colour) and tomato sauce or shredded chicken on the first wrap and sandwich the second wrap on top, then brush with butter and bake for 15 minutes or until the cheese is melty and shining through…wahhahahahaaaa!

Halloween recipes

8. Tangerine Pumpkins

If you want to include a healthy Halloween treat to make sure your kids get a break from the sugar fest, try these easy but very pretty tangerine pumpkins by Bren Did. All you need are tangerines, (you can also use mandarins or clementines), some celery sticks and a sharp knife. Check out Bren Did for the how-to for these cute looking healthy snacks that can make a good lunch box option too.

halloween recipes

9. Halloween Witch’s Hats

Halloween Witch’s Hats by Mom Foodie make a super fun tablepiece that deliver big on surprises when you crack them open! Ice cream cones are filled with treats like popcorn, candy or small toys before the transformation begins. Check out Mom Foodie for the instructions. Kids will enjoy cracking open the hats to see the surprises inside.

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