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Non Entree Desserts

204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218451, 

Does chocolate lava cake still get you excited? It’s a little last decade, n’est ce pas? Except not at Non Entree Desserts – a cute modern dessert shop in Serangoon. Chocolate lava cake here is elevated (in every sense of the word) to new heights as it comes suspended over a glass bowl, balancing precariously on a crispy almond nougatine hovering over a fantastic orange infused scoop of gelato. Crack it, let the chocolate drip into the bowl, or mix it all up and get mouthfuls of cold creamy gelato with oozing hot Valhrona chocolate sauce, crispy bites of almond and moist chocolate cake. Tropicana ($15.90, pictured) is another favourite composed of coconut mousse, coconut crisps, pineapple chutney, meringue bites, passionfruit coulis and mascarpone lime sorbet. 


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