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Cool Dad Hangouts: Mad Dog Biker Howard Pargeter

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Does the Dad in your life need some inspo on where to take the kids? We’ve talked to some of the coolest dads in Singapore to get their tips on where to go and what to do with kiddos in tow!

We catch up with very cool Australian dad Howard Pargeter, lawyer by trade, Mad Dog Motorcycle Club biker by passion. Howard has two kiddos Angelina, 3 years old and Edward, 1 year old. Howard lets us in on his favourite haunts to take the kids to play (bonus these playgrounds give his kids a great sense of community) plus we hear about how he got his multitude of tattoos and what fun he gets up to with the kids when mama’s away!

Tell us something cool/quirky about yourself.
I am a member of the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club in Singapore. I have many tattoos, some of which are a consequence of acting as a practising canvas for my brother as he progressed his skills as a tattooist. So, as a heavily tattooed harley (and triumph) riding motorcycle club guy, the most common thing I hear from people I meet is: “Wow! You do not look like a lawyer at all”. Whether that is cool/quirky (or even a compliment) I am still unsure.

What’s your favourite outdoor spot to hang out with your kid(s)?
Definitely the playground in the estate adjacent to Pek Kio market. Having grown up in a regional (country) town in Australia myself, where everybody knows everybody, it is great to see my kids enjoying the same kind of “community” experience, as every weekend the same kids are all there playing together.

What’s your favourite restaurant to bring your kids to in Singapore?
Georges Beach Club at East Coast or Handlebar at Gillman barracks.

Favourite playground in Singapore?
Aside from that mentioned above (either the one at Pek Kio market or the sandpit at Georges – if that constitutes a playground) another favorite would be Kidzland at Turf City.

Best spot for coffee when you’re on early-morning Dad duty?
Six by sera at 89 Rangoon road. Great for coffee, cakes, or a much-needed beer at times!

Do you do any cooking in the house? If so what do you make?
Yes. Chilli con carne, and of course steak and sausages (‘snags’) on the BBQ in an effort to expose my kids to a little bit of good old “Aussie” fare, from time to time.

Any favourite bedtime book recommendations?
For Angelina, any Peppa Pig book seems to be the current favorite. Whereas Eddie isn’t really into books just yet, he is more into chasing and kicking a ball constantly and relentlessly, which is actually kind of refreshing given his sister’s propensity for TV or youtube!

Any favourite apps/games to play with your kids?
ABC phonics with Eddie and YouTube, watching live music performances with Angelina (although we seem to always end up back on someone singing “Let it go” from Frozen lately.

What’s your favourite activity to do with your kids when Mom’s not around?
Our home becomes a kind of “school of rock” where I introduce the kids to the classics!

What are your favourite date night restaurants?
Any! Absolutely any restaurant is a massive favorite given how infrequent ‘date night’ can be realistically, with both my wife and I working demanding jobs with lots of travel etc. That said, great Indian food makes everything ok! So, Jaggis in Chander Road, Little India is a massive favorite.

Do you have a favourite shop?
Amazon! I am a massive fan and user of Amazon in conjunction with Singapore’s VPost service.

Where do you like to train/exercise?
Vanda boxing on Robinson road, or just road running.

What are your favorite holiday destinations with your kid(s)?
Phuket, Thailand or Melbourne, Australia.

Many thanks to Howard and his kids for their time and of course a big shout out to the lovely Irina Nilsson for the beautiful shots! 

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