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Choosing a Chinese Bilingual School Programme for Non Chinese Speaking Families

CIS Bilingual programme
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How do you decide which Chinese-English bilingual programme is right for your child, mama? Join the coffee talk by bestselling author and Head of Chinese at CIS, Huali Xiong to make a wise choice!

Don’t speak Chinese yourself, but would love for your kids to enroll in a bilingual programme?  Huali Xiong, Head of Chinese at Canadian International School (CIS) and author of the bestselling Big Apple Chinese Programme, will cover 8 essential factors that parents should keep in mind when choosing a bilingual programme for their child. This coffee talk is a great opportunity to get expert advice about your child’s future Chinese education and one you should think about attending!

CIS Chinese-English programme

What you can expect at the Coffee Talk…

It’s not all bookish information, mama! Huali will use real-life examples to describe in detail the key factors to think about when choosing a bilingual programme. These include finding out what experience and qualifications teachers have, as well as the commitment from the school (and it’s leadership team) in delivering a quality bilingual programme.

Are you non-Chinese speaking parents? A strong support system when it comes to homework is essential too, especially when you don’t understand the language yourself! Huali will pick up on these and other important aspects key to guiding you towards making an informed decision

Post the coffee talk, you will get a chance to visit CIS’ classrooms and observe what learning in their popular Chinese-English bilingual programme looks like. The bilingual programme at CIS was in fact one of the first to be offered in Singapore by any international school – so you know that they have done this job well for a long time, mama! Just watch the video below to know how comfortable their current students are with the language!

CIS’ Chinese-English bilingual programme

Available to students right from junior kindergarten to grade 6 and offered at both campuses (Lakeside and Tanjong Katong), the programme is fully aligned to the International Baccalaureate PYP with no limit to the number of classes per grade. They currently run over 30 bilingual classes!

Afraid your kids might forget what they’ve learnt since you don’t speak Chinese at home? At CIS there is a specific learning path that ensures students maintain their high level of Chinese during Secondary School too. Every subject is taught in both languages (by native speaking teachers) – so your child will attend lessons in English one day and Chinese the next. This two-teacher rotating model makes sure that students communicate with their teachers in both languages and not just the one they are most comfortable with! Genius move – we say!

CIS and it's bilingual programme

Be an informed parent and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. RSVP today for the Coffee Talk by Huali Xiong at Canadian International School and get your kids on your choice bilingual programme!

All the details!
What: Coffee Talk on ‘How to choose the right bilingual programme for your child.’
Where: CIS Lakeside campus
When: Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 9:00am – 11:00am
How much: Free, including coffee and light refreshments.
RSVP here

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