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From Low COE Price to Avoiding Germs, The Time is Right for Buying a Car in Singapore

volkswagen golf sv coe price drop makes it a great time for buying a car in singapore
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Did you know the COE price has dropped nearly $20,000 from where it was last year? If you’ve been thinking about buying a car in Singapore but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you!

There ain’t much to crow about in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, but there is one tiny silver lining here in Singapore: the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) price is way down from this time last year. In April 2019 the COE price for Category B (that is, cars with engine capacity above 1,600cc) was $48,000. Right now it’s down to $30,012! And Category A (engine capacity up to 1,600cc) is already down $4,000 from where it was in January. (Source) Combine that stat with a desire to avoid germs and perhaps make life a bit easier and more convenient for your fam, and it’s the ideal time to buy a car in Singapore, mama! But what is the best family car for YOU?

skoda family car kids low coe price singapore

If Covid-19 has got you antsy about riding around in taxis or on the bus, our friends at Volkswagen and ŠKODA have currently got three big value cars on offer in Category B. For decades, Volkswagen has aimed to enable individual mobility for millions of folks (volks?) around the world; you can count on it to be affordable, dependable, human and inviting. And sister European brand ŠKODA is all about clever little touches that make their cars exceptional. ŠKODA is known for excellent value, superb quality and reliability. 

low coe price skoda octavia family car sedan

ŠKODA Octavia: Compact but Mighty

The ŠKODA Octavia offers tremendous value with one of the best bargains around – a starting price point of $91,900 for a family sedan that doubles as a spacious urban hauler with oodles of space. The Octavia’s boot is absolutely enormous, offering 590 litres of stowage, which increase all the way to 1,580 litres if you use the folding rear seats. Basically, the Octavia transforms from a sedan into a wagon to meet your family’s hauling needs. And for a brand new car, the price is right!

low coe price for buying a car in singapore volkswagen golf sv

Volkswagen Golf SV: The Compact Car for Grownups

The Volkswagen Golf is VW’s most iconic hatchback, and the Golf SV kicks things up a notch as an ideal 4-door family car with the added space of a compact MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). Like any good family car, it’s chock-full of safety features like Blind Spot Sensors and Rear Traffic Alert. It’s also got a 500-litre boot (120 extra litres compared to the standard Golf hatchback!), but is still every bit as zippy and competent on the road! A brand new Volkswagen Golf SV is priced from $109,900.

low coe price for buying a car in singapore volkswagen touran 7-seater family car

Volkswagen Touran: Best Value 7-Seater Family Car

If you’ve got two or more kids, a 7-seater with three rows of seats is ideal for ensuring plenty of space when your family is on the go. The Volkswagen Touran has comfortable individual seats in the second row that can be positioned to suit your family car needs, plus there’s ‘Easy Entry’ to ensure every seat is accessible and easy-to-reach and ISOFIX anchorage points in the second and third rows so you can install car seats and keep your kiddos safely secured. The Volkswagen Touran is priced from $115,900, outstanding value for a 7-seat family car.

Ready to take a test drive, mama? Click here to schedule a free ŠKODA test drive, and click here to schedule a free Volkswagen test drive!

Brought to you in partnership with Volkswagen & ŠKODA Singapore

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