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British Council shears prices for weekdays with Shaun the Sheep and Timmy

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Fresh from their weekend adventures helping teach your tots English skills, Shaun the Sheep and Timmy are now on hand during the week too, mamas!

In response to booming demand from you and your little lambs, the British Council has expanded its courses into the week and has shorn (sorry…) its prices for the Tuesday-Friday classes to boot.

The weekday classes, which take place at the British Council’s shiny new East Coast location, are $1,300 for a half-year course and $2,600 for the full year, $300 and $600 cheaper, respectively, than the weekend sessions.

Knowing how busy mamas and their flocks are during the week, the weekday classes are also slightly shorter at 90 minutes rather than 105 minutes, but that still allows plenty of time for English fun and games that’ll leave your kiddos bleating the competition.

If you’ve been to the British Council before, you’ll know they pride themselves on offering a happy, cosy and totally secure environment for learning, and that their specialist early years educators take care to tailor teaching and skill development to each child’s age and learning style.

Your little ones will love the Shaun and Timmy-themed classrooms, puppets, stickers and cut-outs. Digital resources will help you bring the day’s teaching home with you, though don’t blame us if there’s more gambolling around the sofa and baa-ing at teatime than usual.

Put fun and practical routines in place to reinforce the day’s phonics-based learning; building regular patterns at home will help speedy learning with Shaun and Timmy during class time.

Your kiddos will learn how to use language appropriately without limiting those endless imaginations we love so much. Creativity and experimentation are encouraged, balanced with lessons in how to follow instructions closely and focus on the task at hand.

Games use language to shore up other crucial skills including self confidence, self awareness, cooperation and care for others. Littlies will learn to be a loving and thoughtful part of the flock while also building essential skills for their own independent exploration.

If your smalls want to get settled in the surroundings and meet the team at a trial session, give the British Council a call on (+65) 6807 1596.

Sign up mamas, and let your little ones have a woolly good Learning Time with Shaun and Timmy!

British Council Singapore, 112 East Coast Road #03-16, I12 Katong, Singapore, 428802, email: (+65) 6807 1596, [email protected]

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