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Where to Go for Steamboat and Hot Pot in Singapore

Steamboat Singapore
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Looking for something delicious to share with family and friends this CNY? Consider our list of restaurants for delicious steamboat or hot pot in Singapore

Said to have originated in Mongolia before spreading to China, steamboat or hot pot meals (also called hotpot) are a popular staple in many Asian countries. Steamboat in Singapore is almost a way of life, and is one of the island’s biggest culinary highlights. There’s plenty to like about hot pot too, what with the simple ingredients, yummy dips, and spicy (or creamy) broths. If you’re after an authentic and satisfying steamboat or hot pot in Singapore, these restaurants should definitely be on your list.

And if you’re wondering if hotpot is kid-friendly (what with a boiling vat of soup in the middle of the table!) – we reckon it depends on the age of your kiddo. Older kids absolutely adore the novelty of cooking their own food at the table and it’s a super interactive fun way to eat as a family.

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↓ Scroll to discover some of the best restaurants for steamboat in Singapore

Steamboat in Singapore Beauty in a Pot mala soup yin yang broth

Beauty In The Pot

This popular steamboat restaurant in Singapore offers six nourishing soup bases – think Beauty Collagen steamboat broths, spicy pork bone broth, wild pine mushroom vegetarian steamboat broth and more – each rich in flavour and health benefits. Pair your soup base (or opt to try two or four soups in a single session) with a fresh seafood platter, assorted pastes, speciality meats and Beauty In The Pot’s signature homemade fish tofu, which is made daily. Book ahead if you want a table at this popular steamboat restaurant.

Beauty in The Pot, multiple locations in Singapore

City Hot Pot – Steamboat

This local concept steamboat restaurant in Singapore offers shabu-shabu – a Japanese steamboat dish that comprises thin slices of meat and veggies boiled in soup or water and served with dipping sauces. Expect high-quality ingredients, and at the One Raffles Place City Hot Pot, seats that surround the restaurant’s open kitchen and stunning views of the city through its floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

City Hot Pot – Steamboat, multiple locations in Singapore

Steamboat in Singapore COCA hotpot yin yang soup mala soup

COCA Steamboat

There are more than 65 ingredients to pair with your steamboat soup base at this Thai-Chinese hot pot restaurant, which blends Thai cuisine with Canto-style home cooking. Don’t miss out on the COCA steamboat’s house specialities while you’re here: fish glue, shrimp paste, handmade dumplings, seasonal vegetables, as well as fresh meat and seafood. If you want something a little more luxe, opt for the premium hot pot, which kicks off with a complimentary welcome aperitif and top-tier steamboat ingredients like lobsters, scallops, black mussels, snow crabs and flower clams. You can also have a one-time order of Lobster Mala Xiang Guo and free-flow beverages and desserts.

COCA Steamboat, multiple locations in Singapore

Steamboat in Singapore Goro Goro Singapore collagen pork bone soup

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet

A hot pot restaurant in Singapore with a Korean twist, GoroGoro offers seven soup base choices, which include Singapore’s Pepper Bak Kut Teh, Korean Ginseng, collagen steamboat soup and a fiery Mala steamboat soup option. Choose from more than 70 ingredients to dip into your soup, and pair your steamboat in Singapore with other Korean and local delicacies.

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet, multiple locations in Singapore 

Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat

While steamboat in Singapore is meant as a form of communal dining, Guo Fu allows you to have your own little personal hot pot to enjoy steamboat without sharing. Often referred to as a ‘fat cow’ hot pot buffet, Guo Fu’s steamboat offering aims to offer an authentic premium beef hot pot from Northeast China. With ten types of soup, 64 fresh steamboat ingredients, free, housemade condiments and unlimited amounts of xiao long bao, it’s a favourite steamboat spot!

Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat, 20 Cross Street, #01-31, China Square Central, Singapore 048422, Tel: (+65) 6557 0906

Steamboat in Singapore Haidilao Hot Pot Steamboat tom yum soup

Haidilao Hot Pot

A guide to hot pot in Singapore would not be complete without a mention of this popular hot pot franchise. In addition to its five soup bases and classic steamboat ingredients such as fish balls, luncheon meat, stuffed bean curd and more, Haidilao also offers a range of seafood, styled dishes (flavoured tripe and crispy fried pork, anyone?), vegetables and new offerings such as Arctic surf clams, tempura shrimp and carrot-flavoured konjac noodles. Best to book this popular steamboat restaurant ahead!

Haidilao Hot Pot, multiple locations in Singapore

Steamboat in Singapore Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet meat seafood xiao long bao yin yang soup

Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet

Dine on more than 70 varieties of meats, seafood, free-flow xiao long bao and handmade noodles at this popular Bugis joint for steamboat and hot pot in Singapore. Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet recently introduced an all-you-can-eat crab buffet too. For something a little Insta-worthy, you can request a ‘meat doll’, which is essentially a Barbie-esque doll draped in meat. If you dine here on your birthday, you can enjoy a complimentary meat birthday cake with reservations for 4 or more people.

Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet, 470 North Bridge Road, #01-05, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735, Tel: (+65) 6977 7788

King’s Laksa Steamboat

While you can opt for herbal or chicken soup, or a mala steamboat base, the crowds flock here for the laksa steamboat. Made with fresh coconut milk, most diners pair the creamy base with laksa noodles and a range of seafood, meats, surimi and veggies. If this steamboat is too spicy for the kids, there are kid-friendly snacks such as potato wedges and spring rolls to keep them happy.

King’s Laksa Steamboat, 17 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545724, Tel: (+65) 6287 8010

La Jiang Shan Hot Pot

Here, you can enjoy unlimited marinated black pepper pork, lobster balls, Taiwanese sausage, and everything you can think of to satisfy your cravings. This restaurant also features free-flow soup (we love the mala steamboat soup!) that comes in a single person’s portion. No sharing needed! There’s also a selection of pre-cooked Sichuan dishes and free-flow xiao long bao in the evenings.

La Jiang Shan Hot Pot, 35 Selegie Road, #01-06, Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307, Tel:(+65) 8669 6144

Steamboat in Singapore Little Sheep Hot Pot Mongolian hotpot rich broth

Little Sheep Hot Pot

Lamb from the inner Mongolian grasslands is the star of the show at this Mongolian hot pot restaurant in Singapore. There are no dipping sauces here, instead, Little Sheep’s rich broth bases have various flavours made from seven different spices. Order some grilled skewers to complete your hot pot feast!

Little Sheep Hot Pot, 277 Orchard Road #B1-13 orchardgateway Singapore, 238858

Steamboat in Singapore Paradise Hotpot golden-plated individual soup spicy broth

Paradise Hotpot

This on-trend Hong Kong-style steamboat concept in Singapore serves you an array of soup bases in individual gold-plated hotpots. There are 13 steamboat soups to choose from, plus a wide range of steamboat ingredients that have been carefully prepared. You can also pay a small fee per person for free-flow ingredients.

Paradise Hotpot, multiple locations in Singapore,

Pot Yummy Yummy

There are lunch and dinner steamboat buffet and hot pot options here. Check out the ‘lok-lok’, a Malaysian-style steamboat that’s usually served from a food truck, typically eaten while standing on the street corners. Pot Yummy Yummy also offers BBQ options.

Pot Yummy Yummy, multiple locations in Singapore

Seoul Garden

Craving halal hot pot in Singapore? Seoul Garden is the hangout of choice! Here, you’ll get a generous portion of steamboat ingredients, a tow-in-one proprietary smokeless grill for irritation-free BBQ sessions, Korean-Asian marinades and even a cool birthday treat. Head over for the lunch or weekend steamboat buffets, and treat yourself to seven different steamboat or hot pot soups – four of which are spicy – plus a host of premium meats and seafood.

Seoul Garden, multiple locations in Singapore

Shabu Sai Singapore

This authentic Japanese steamboat restaurant in Singapore serves seven soup bases and more than 60 steamboat ingredients. You can enjoy delicious soup bases like Herbal Chicken & Barley, Black Bean Gobo, and Golden Curry. Don’t miss out on the Tonkotsu base, made using the same recipe as Shabu Sai’s Japanese outlets. There’s also an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sukiyaki buffet, so bring your appetite!

Shabu Sai Singapore, multiple locations in Singapore

Steamboat Singapore Shi Jian Hot Pot yin yang hotpot broth meat vegetables

Shi Jian Hot Pot

Pick between several hot pot sets, whether you’re in the mood for fish, meats, pork collar or chicken. Four soups make up the menu, with highlights such as mala steamboat, mushroom, tomato and the signature pork bone broth.  Shi Jian Hot Pot also offers satisfying family set meals filled with noodles, vegetables and other fresh ingredients.

Shi Jian Hot Pot, 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #02-19, Singapore 609731

Shi Li Fang Hot Pot

This restaurant prides itself in offering affordable hot pot dining and steamboat in Singapore. And while prices here are budget-friendly, the staff doesn’t skimp on the good stuff, and you’ll find plenty of healthy and sustainable steamboat ingredients to go with your meal.

Shi Li Fang Hot Pot, multiple locations in Singapore


The signature shabu shabu is a must-try at Suki-Ya, which can be paired with the Tonyu Miso broth. But if you’re really hungry, you’ll love the all-you-can-eat servings of sliced beef, pork and chicken. There’s also a generous salad bar for a little healthy balance to go with your hot pot meal, too! You can also dine for free on your birthday with three paying adults!

Suki-Ya, multiple locations in Singapore

Steamboat in Singapore Taikoo Lane Hot Pot Cantonese and Sichuan hotpot broth varieties

Taikoo Lane Hot Pot

Sichuan and Cantonese hot pot is what you’ll find at Taikoo Lane. Ask for individual pots or opt for large, sharing pots, filled with soup bases such as the collagen nourishing pork bone soup or Chengdu Green Pepper Soup. Pair that with the Stellar-1 pork ribs, Spanish Iberico black pork, braised meat platters, handmade steamboat ingredients and more.

Taikoo Lane Hot Pot, 133 New Bridge Road,#B1-16, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413, Tel: (+65) 6970 0966

Upin Hot Pot

Once you’ve decided which of the 11 steamboat soup bases you want, opt to enjoy that as a single hot pot, or in a two- or three-soup combo. The soups go well with hot pot ingredients such as handmade tofu pudding, fresh tripe, Australian abalone, handmade noodles, bite-size purple sweet potato pies, Chinese rice cakes and so much more. Free-flow drinks and fruits are also optional.

Upin Hot Pot, multiple locations in Singapore

Yue Long Men Hotpot

Not only does this hotpot chain have lunch and dinner steamboat buffets, but you can also have a 90-minute, all-you-can-eat steamboat session with the squad at the NEX location. Free-flow, a la carte items include American beef brisket, pork collar and belly, seafood, noodles, vegetables, dumplings, chawanmushi, fried buns, onion rings and more. The buffet also comes with an unlimited amount of Lu Rou Fan (braised pork and rice) and bubble milk tea!

Yue Long Men Hotpot, multiple locations in Singapore

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Lead image from City Hot Pot. Other images courtesy of the respective restaurants.

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