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A New Way to Be Kind: Welcoming The Kindness Elves to Your Home

the kindness elves - alternative christmas ideas
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Leading the way to acts of kindness

With the holidays just around the corner and presents at the forefront of many a kiddo’s mind, it’s a good time to teach them that there’s more to this season than receiving presents. In recent years, the Elf on the Shelf has been an extremely popular toy that gets into all sorts of mischief while also promising to keep a close eye on the kiddos for good behaviour to report back to Santa. The whole premise is to make sure that good behaviour is rewarded with toys and presents. But what if we told you that there’s an alternative to this cheeky Elf and we could teach acts of kindness without an incentive on receiving something in return?

the kindness elves - christmas ideas for kids

Enter The Kindness Elves. Started by blogger and mama Anna Ranson of The Imagination Tree, who was looking for a wholesome alternative to the Elf on the Shelf, she created The Kindness Elves to promote good deeds and encourage children to look beyond themselves during the giving season.

In a world full of consumerism, especially here in Asia, it’s easy for our children to become entitled or lose sight of their privilege. She felt the need to teach her kiddos to think about the bigger picture and just how lucky they were compared to many others. It is so important for our kids to see that the world is a lot bigger than them and it is our responsibility, mamas, to teach them how they can give back.

Children are wonderfully philanthropic and want to solve all the world’s problems!” says Ranson. She began discussing with her kiddos how they could practically and meaningfully help those around them in their communities. By helping them see that they can really make someone smile by making them cookies, or visiting them and having a chat helped them to see that they could make a difference in others lives and it doesn’t have to cost much money.

Christmas inspo for families - the kindness elves

The Kindness Elves were introduced into their household with thoughtful ideas and suggestions to do something meaningful for someone else that day. From smiling at everyone you see today to making a beautiful picture to brighten someone’s day — the ideas and possibilities were endless! Her kiddos loved seeing each morning where the Kindness Elves would appear in the house and what message they left for them. Being kind became contagious and fun with a new challenge each day.

The Kindness Elves emphasise kindness and love, and aim to help kids develop thoughtfulness and compassion for the world around them. “There is no focus on bad behaviour or reporting back to anyone, but a positive focus for building kind character habits for a lifetime.” says Ranson. We can definitely get on board with that, mamas!

If you’re interested in purchasing the elves, they are now being sold with a variety of different coloured pairs and even come with their own little home. For a magical touch, check out their Elf doors where they come in and out of you home. Your littles will be inspired by their magic and those small acts of kindness will soon become a natural part of their life that goes beyond the holiday season.

You can purchase The Kindness Elves here:


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