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10 reasons why it’s better to be a mama in… Singapore! Plus an amazing giveaway!

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We’re almost embarrassed to be getting into this fight – it’s bullying really, to pick on someone so much weaker than yourself; but when the Hong Kong mamas over at Sassy Mama HQ started trying to defend themselves about recent survey results showing Singapore is Asia’s best place to be a mother, we just had to step in and clear up any confusion.

So, here’s the lowdown on why the Little Red Dot is infinitely superior to the Big Bauhinia as a place to raise your fam. (And because we hate an unfair fight, we’re not even going to MENTION Hong Kong’s air pollution issues. Oh wait… Oops!)

Think you can beat this Hong Kong mamas? Read all about what those Hong Kong ladies are saying about their home over on Sassy Mama Hong Kong.

1. The sheer family friendliness of Singapore is staggering…from high chairs in nearly every restaurant, to baby changing facilities around every corner, and footpaths that don’t end unexpectedly in enormous flights of steps or busy roads (we’re looking at you Mid-levels!).

2. Weekend getaways to tropical islands are just too easy. An hour to Bintan on the ferry? Done. Two-hour flight to Bali? Hello. It’s unfair for us to even think about mentioning the sandy beaches of quick getaways like Perhentian, Tioman Island, and Sibu. A weekend in Macau? We’ll pass.

3. Dim Sum might be king in the ‘Kong but it hardly compares to the variety of food on offer in the S’pore. From the curries in Little India, to the Char Kway Teow and Nasi Lemak in hawker centres like Newton Circus, and the smoky satays at Lau Pa Sat, you name it we’ve probably eaten it. Did we mention the Chilli Mud Crabs? Yep, that too.

4. Navigating Singapore with kiddies is a breeze… Public transport is quick, clean and efficient, taxi drivers are friendly and helpful (we don’t know many Uncles that won’t help put a stroller in the boot for you or wait for you to strap in a car seat), there’s bike tracks galore, and a stack of walking trails for mamas with prams.

5. The island is covered with parks, nature reserves and playgrounds with actual grass, trees and space to really let the wee ones run around. There’s everything from coastal parks, to island beach clubs, inner city playgrounds, and nature reserves…we’re literally a city in a garden.

6. The Zoo… Yes, it’s so good (dare we say the best in the world?) it deserves its own shout-out. Little ones (and big ones!) will never get bored of it. You can literally do it every weekend and never get bored.

7. But if you do get tired of the zoo, you can check out the brand-new River Safari, Port of Lost Wonder, Universal Studios, Jurong Bird Park, the S.E.A. Aquarium, Gardens by the Bay and a whole host of fam-friendly attractions.

8. Space. Our little ones aren’t bouncing off the walls by 8am because our living rooms are fractionally larger than the average wardrobe. We can also chuck our munchkins outside in the garden or playground at a moment’s notice. No taxi-ing around town or over-scheduling with activities to get them out of the house.

9. There’s so much variety in our neighbourhoods – from the chilled out East Coast, to hip and happening Tiong Bahru, lively Jalan Besar, Clarke Quay, sunny Sentosa, Little India, Chinatown, the CBD, Dempsey Hill, the Heartlands… You can choose a different area for every mood and they’re all totally different!

10. There’s so much on for families! Every weekend our diaries are jam-packed with amazing events like Children’s Season at Singapore Museums, theatre productions, concerts in the Botanic Gardens and much, much more… Hong Kong’s a bit of a cultural desert by comparison…

Well, now that’s settled, we’re off to bask in the Singapore sunshine and jump in the pool for a quick swim with the kiddos… Best place to be a mama? Singapore wins HANDS DOWN! 

And we hope you agree with us too, mama! In fact, we’re so excited to hear what you think; we’ve got a little sweetener for you. Simply leave your comments below or via Facebook telling us what you think about being a mama in Singapore to stand a chance of winning these very covetable prizes from Palate that will have you booking the babysitter pronto…


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Giveaway terms and conditions
  • The giveaway runs from 24th June – 5th July.
  • Two winners will be picked by the editorial team, and are at the editor’s discretion.
  • Winners will be contacted either via email or by private message if the comment has come via Facebook.
  • Both winners will receive a Palate Premier Dining Card worth $598+.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Congrats to our winners, Val and Batya!

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6 thoughts on “10 reasons why it’s better to be a mama in… Singapore! Plus an amazing giveaway!

  1. Being a mummy in Singapore means you have to be a Super-girl !! 🙂 I must play many roles at one time – the co-breadwinner to earn money; the ‘domestic helper’ who cleans the house, cooks dinner, washes the clothes; the ‘Ahmad’ who drives my kids around; the ‘biggest and most entertaining toy’ of my children; the Tiger Mum who ensures my kids are well brought up and the super kiasu mummy who always checks up on all those education-related tips and information !! 🙂

  2. You forgot to mention that in Singapore when you have a baby, you don’t have to pray that you’ll get a hospital bed to deliver in! With the mainland Chinese coming into Hong Kong to give birth, locals are often left on worrying waiting lists for the hospitals of their choice with some never getting a bed at all!

  3. My top ten of why Singapore is better than HK:
    1) Swimming pool is open all year round and no restrictive hours manned by lifeguards ( and no closing the pool because there are thunderstorms on the other side of the island!)
    2) Finally get my money’s worth for buying a stroller and bye-bye bad back and ergo carrier!
    3) Blue skies ( most days)
    4) Double sized apartment for the same $$ rent as you would pay in HK. Love the space and finally new modern apartments!
    5) Decent grocery stores without the exorbitant prices of City Super and Great. I simply love walking down the spacious isles of Cold Storage and the variety!!
    6) Grass, parks and trees everywhere. My son finally has gotten over his phobia of grass ( as his prior exposure was limited to a few visits up to the Peak)
    7) Clean wet markets and everyone speaks English
    8) Multicultural – Indians, Malay, Chinese, Singaporean, Expats from every country – you name it!
    9) Tiger, Jetstar, Scoop and no price monolopy by Cathay Pacific
    10) The super chilled and relaxed lifestyle including going out for dinner in a sundress or shorts with haviannas and bye bye riduculous heels and blisters!
    And now of course we have our own Sassy Mamma which is the cherry on the top 🙂

  4. Being a Singapore mum means I can be a stay-at-home mum – nothing bets that 🙂

  5. Singapore is an amazing city to live in with kids as an expat. There are just so many things available from water parks, parks, museams, child friendly brunches& cafes the list goes on & on. The hot weather is also great as so much pool time happens so a lovely outdoor active life. Also meeting so many wonderful friends in the same stage if life. Wouldn’t change it!

  6. I love being a mum in sg!

    1) Tropical weather means they run around naked at home while wearing only pampers/underwear. This saves money on buying clothes and all that washing.

    2) Super online shops (wide variety and reasonable prices) saves time and means that I don’t have to lug all my loot back home. I get very tired looking delivery men with arms full of pampers ringing on my door bell. I am sure they wonder if I have triplets or if it is just the one baby with the runs

    3) Our multi-cultural society and high standard of different types of cuisine means being able to expose them to different foods/cultures without the pain of having to pack our lives up in suitcases to get on a plane (are we there yet?). I love it that they can sing “Happy Birthday” in 5 different languages (a wonderful start towards world peace)

    4) Plenty of green spaces and playgrounds to tire them out so that by bedtime, they won’t have the energy to use my bed as a trampoline

    5) Super libraries mean not having to buy lots of books. Yay! I use the storage space at home for my shoe collection

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