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Sassy Mama Field Trip: Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

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Free water fun at Port of Lost Wonders

The thought of taking on the crowds on Sentosa on a Saturday or Sunday with the fam can be daunting but when you reach pirate-themed water park Port of Lost Wonder (which is now free) – it’s all worth it!

With two tiny ones under three, planning public transport into our day outing is always on the agenda! It means we can start the ‘fun’ earlier, when we board the bus, and don’t need to worry about parking or snotty taxi drivers. All good. Combine that with a ride on the Sentosa Express sky train and we arrived at Sentosa Beach Station with seriously happy little campers in tow.

From the Sentosa Beach Station it’s just a two minute walk to Palawan Beach where this paradise for aspiring pirates is located.

Port of Lost Wonder is a water play area on steroids! Sounds like a slippery nightmare? It’s actually good fun! Your kids are in a contained environment; you all went there to get wet in the first place (no nasty surprises) and the water isn’t even knee deep. And did we mention that the whole thing is an actual pirate ship, complete with sails, water slides and buckets of water being poured over you when you least expect it? Both my boys loved it. What mama can love (or at least like) is that they allow adults on the water slides with their kids. POLW_3

It is recommended that kids are at least three years old to enjoy this place. My youngest one (who is only 18 months) was however able to seriously enjoy himself without me gasping for air and silently praying for his life. After two hours of splashing about we took the Sentosa Express back to VivoCity for some well-deserved lunch, after which the kids passed out.

Sassy Mama tip: On the particular day when we visited Port of Lost Wonder it was hazy and therefore there was not much direct sunlight, but we’ve been told that on sunny days you need a lot (as in A LOT) of sunscreen because the area is very exposed.

Admission FREE

Port of Lost Wonder, Palawan Beach, Sentosa (near the car park)
Tel: 1-800 SENTOSA (736 8672)

Opening Hours:
10am – 6.30pm (last admission 4.30pm) daily


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