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The Sassy Mama Guide to the best of the Singapore Zoo

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Here are the top 10 reasons why we’re wild for the Singapore Zoo!

Aah, the zoo, the zoo. Shall we compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate… Ok you get it, we love the zoo.

In a city jam-packed with fab family excursions, the Singapore Zoo still holds one of the top spots on our must-do list. Well-planned walking trails, beautifully kept gardens, free-roaming animals and lots of clean toilets and changing facilities — what could be better? There’s more than enough to see to keep your little ones entertained weekend after weekend; in fact, it’s so vast we thought you might like to know some of the Sassy Mama team’s favourite parts!

But let’s kick off with a few fast facts:

1.  Kids under 3 enter for free. Hey, that rhymes!

2. You can rent small wagons that fit two small people ($15) and push them around the zoo.
The kids can sit facing each other, which is fun until they start arguing, and then you turn them in opposite directions.

3. Colourful rain coats/hoodies are available at $5 each.
Kids love them, especially if mama is wearing one too. They keep you nice and dry when caught out in the rain.

4. Rock star free-roaming orangutans.
They’re not always out but when they are, it’s good fun. These guys know how to mingle with the crowd and party with their non-stop clapping and cheering.

5. Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream has several outlets.
Isn’t it obvious why this is an important fact?

6. Beat the heat by getting there early.
Not only will you ensure you actually get into the zoo quicker, but you’ll also be finishing up your visit by the time the worst of the midday heat hits.

7. Have your breakfast with the orangutans.
Where else in the world can you enjoy your tea and toast with these furry friends?

8. Become a friend of the zoo.
It doesn’t take many visits to enjoy value for money with this pass. You even get to waltz on by the long entrance queues when you’re a friend.

9. The River Safari is right next door.
What’s not to love about this river-themed wildlife experience? Not much.

10. Let’s not forget the Night Safari either.
It might be a bit further up the road but is a super fun way to finish off a day at the Zoo.


The Sassy Mama Zoo Top Picks

“Unfortunately our eldest son’s favorite part of the zoo happens to be the snake and reptile house. Here you will find a combination of expats (Mexican rattle snake and an Anaconda) as well as local snakes, some venomous some not.

As a total ophidiophobic (yes, I had to google that one too..) the snake house poses a mental challenge each time we go. Especially with the main attraction being the too-big–for-comfort King Cobra that goes by the name of Elvis- questions anyone..? This 4.3 meters long dude was found in a drain off Thomson Rd. a few years back and we are relieved that he now has a proper home, faaar away from our parks. Every Sunday at 2.15pm Elvis gets the munchies, real bad. And at that time it is absolutely packed around the glass with curious, slightly disgusted onlookers. In front of his audience Elvis dines on rats, other snakes and toddlers (that was joke). Sofia

“Our favorite part of the zoo has to be the Wild Africa zone!  We LOVE how we can get close-up to the giraffes (with their to-die-for eyelashes!) especially during the feeding sessions daily at 10.45am, 1.50pm and 3.45pm.

The African Lion enclosure is pretty amazing too, especially when they come so close to you at the indoor viewing gallery.  If you happen to be there at lunch time, make sure you check out the feeding session at 1.35pm!  And finally, we have a super soft spot for the adorable meerkat and how they ‘pop’ up to get a better view all the time!”  Michelle


“My absolute favourite part of the zoo is the Fragile Forest, an amazing area that is usually nearly deserted in the early mornings, where mousedeer roam freely (is there anything more magical than one of these little creatures running across your feet?!), butterflies swoop, fruitbats hang out, and there’s even a two-toed sloth doing… well, not very much as you’d expect.

My daughter’s fave part of the zoo however is the Sea Lion Show, Splash, where some poor tourist gets humiliated and has to take his shirt off. She laughs as much the 50th time as she did the first!”  Hester

“Rainforest Kidzworld is great as there is lots of interactive fun to keep the children occupied. Kids are introduced to the farm animals with a chance to get up close and personal with giant rabbits, falabellas and goats.”  Lynn

Hands down, one of our favourite parts of the zoo is the amazing water park at Kidzworld. The kids can cool off and have a splashdown and it is just so much fun for littlies. If you forget to pack the bathers you can pick up disposable swim diapers and swimmers at the souvenir shop. You’ll also need the sunscreen and a towel to dry off…if you can even drag the kiddos away!  Psst…there is no additional costs for entry either!”  Sarah

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