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Tried and Tested: Don’t Pull That Cork Just Yet, Mama!

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Wine lovers, rejoice! We’ve found a new way to keep bottles fresh, even after you’ve opened them…

Coravin is the answer to that whole wine social conundrum, What would you prefer, red or white? You no longer need to compromise, or be polite “I’ll have whatever’s open”. Because the sexy gadget that is the Coravin Model One allows you to pour a glass of wine without actually opening the bottle! Oh yes, you read that right.

How Now?

The Coravin Model One uses the patented technology of driving a thin needle through the cork to access the wine, pressurising the bottle with argon gas (an inert gas used regularly by winemakers) and releasing the wine into your glass. Remove the needle and unclasp the Coravin, and the cork reseals naturally without letting in oxygen or compromising the wine inside, so you can put the bottle back in your wine cellar for another few months.

Coravin is the first and only tool that has been able to access wine without opening the bottle. There have been Coravin models before the Model One (and frankly the earlier, oh-so sexy red gloss model has stolen our hearts) but you can’t beat the Model One for price – it comes in at $360 (available at The Oaks and Enoteca Wines). Argon gas capsules just need to be replaced after 15 glasses of wine are pulled.

Coravin works on red, white and rose wine bottles with old fashioned corks. It won’t work on your bottle of bubbly – but really who can’t finish a bottle of champers in one sitting anyway?

We think the Coravin Model One makes one smart daddy/hubby/wine lover gift. You can thank us for the info with a glass of cold white, mama!

Lead image sourced via Posh Journal

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