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Tried & Tested: Detox at One Farrer Hotel & Spa Retreat

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Squeeze in a workout just before your full body massage? Here’s why we recommend it

When you hear ‘retreat‘ you probably imagine being by the pool or beach, getting a massage on the sand, eating as you wish and having a cocktail or two… But the retreat I tried at One Farrer Hotel & Spa was a little different!

Too often we see ourselves heading down for a spa treatment that lasts just a couple of hours, only to quickly shoot off to our next errand or appointment — basically eliminating any sort of peace or relaxation we might have achieved. One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s new Lifestyle Retreat Programs aim to provide a personally tailored and holistic spa experience, mimicking a detox retreat experience right in the comforts of Singapore without having to take a flight to the nearest zen destination. And it all fits into a single day to suit our busy schedules!

I had the pleasure of testing out the Renewal Program, a 5 hour 40 minute programme which includes:

– Pre Consultation
– Workout with a personal trainer
– Recovery at the spa’s Total Lifestyle Environment
– Renewal Lunch pre-prescribed by a dietician
– Renewal Facial
– Renewal Full Body Scrub & Wrap

Pre Consultation

I arrived promptly to the spa on Level 6 at 11am to start the programme, and was whisked away to the office of the hotel’s Spa Director, Ricky, for a pre-consultation. Having been in the hotel and fitness industry for over three decades, Ricky (who, by the way, doesn’t look a day over 30) explained the benefits of a quick yet effective workout before going for any kind of spa treatment – especially for those who don’t already have an active lifestyle (ahem, me). By allowing the body to reach an optimal level of fatigue (tired enough to fully relax during the treatments to come but not so exhausted that you won’t be able to move!), your body will then be able to better absorb the nutrients from the upcoming facial, body massage, scrub or wrap.


I did a quick change into my workout gear and we headed to the 24-hour fitness centre, located right next to the spa. The carpeted and air-conditioned space is a gym junkie’s dream – lined with various treadmills, elliptical trainers and other machinery to choose from, they also have mats, exercise balls and dumbbells prepared. There’s also a fitness instructor around to help you if you need guidance.

My workout lasted about 45 minutes in total, starting from a warm up on the treadmill to keep the heart rate up to stretching exercises on the mat, before moving on to do three sets of six reps on each of the other machines. The session ended off with a few minutes on the elliptical, and I was then left perspiring lightly and pumped for… lunch!

Recovery at the Total Lifestyle Environment

Just before lunch, though, I was advised take a quick shower and enjoy the Total Lifestyle Environment, which consists of all the facilities on Level 6 – besides the 24-hour fitness centre, there’s the Olympic-sized swimming pool, Jacuzzis, mineral pools, cold plunge pools, steam and sauna rooms. I took a dip in the mineral pool to soothe my muscles before throwing on a robe to head for lunch at the Sunset Bar by the pool. You can also opt to take your time at the steam and sauna rooms while you’re at it, or head to the pool after you’re done with your treatments.


All the Lifestyle Retreat Programs include a dietician-pre-prescribed lunch, suited to the programme you’ve chosen. My Renewal Bento was prepared with high antioxidants and Omega-3s in mind, consisting of a delicious Poached Wild Salmon Steak with risotto on the side, Classical Greek Salad, and a yummy Warm Apple Crumble with Vanilla Sauce. You’re also free to order from the à la carte menu with its poolside cocktails and mocktails, finger food and local delights!


After lunch it was finally time to experience the most exciting part of the programme – the spa treatments! With the workout and hearty lunch under my belt I was ready to get pampered for the next three hours.

Keeping with the Renewal theme, I was treated to a mild, non-invasive peeling facial that left my face brighter and more supple, as if revealing a brand new layer of skin after sloughing off the dead skin and impurities on the surface. The rest of my body was then thoroughly scrubbed down with the Papaya & Pineapple Saltmousse Scrub, followed by a Papaya & Pineapple Body Wrap which left my skin super smooth and soft!

Once your retreat is complete, you’re advised to chill out at home that evening to let the body fully recover and absorb all the treatment benefits. I made the mistake of making evening plans that involved a lot of walking, resulting in a pretty sore body the day after, so make sure you’re setting aside a full day to enjoy your retreat, mama – maybe slide this over to the hubs for a birthday gift pampering idea or even treat him for Father’s Day!

One Farrer Hotel & Spa is offering their 4-hour Detox Program at just $199++ (usual price $435++) for a limited time! Call (+65) 6363 0101 to make an appointment and quote SassyLRP!

The Lifestyle Retreat Programs at One Farrer Hotel & Spa start from $483++ per person and $966++ per couple. Programmes available include the Renewal Program, Detox Program, Slimming Program and Energy Program. More details on the programmes here, mama!

One Farrer Hotel & Spa, 1 Farrer Park Station Rd, Singapore 217562,

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