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Tried and Tested: Art Classes with The Drawing Mint

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Looking for low-key art classes for your kiddos? One mama raves about the freedom to create her children have experienced with The Drawing Mint

My daughters Elanor (8) and Rhiannon (5) are mad for art projects. Earlier in the year, we found art classes for kids, and they leapt at the opportunity. They enrolled at The Drawing Mint, a small-scale art school operated by Teacher Mae, which offers both drawing and painting classes for one to a maximum of five children. Enrolling different aged siblings for the same class is no problem. Art therapy is also offered.

We had tried art classes at one of the big art centres a few years ago for Elanor, but ultimately she decided to halt lessons because there was so little freedom of expression. At The Drawing Mint, children dictate what they wish to create, and Teacher Mae assists them. My daughters painted self portraits, desserts, My Little Ponies, and other whimsical creations. In the process, they learned how to sketch out their ideas, perspective, and some basic painting skills. They’ve proudly displayed their art around the apartment.

Mae has been teaching art for eleven years. My girls were always excited to attend class with her and Chloe the cat. They knew it was a warm, caring environment in which there was no “wrong” way to draw. As a parent, I recommend Teacher Mae and the The Drawing Mint with great enthusiasm.

How much: $55 for 90minutes, $60 for 2 hours session.

The Drawing Mint, 6 Mohamed Sultan Road #02-01, Singapore , email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6235 3268,

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