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The Style Hawker: Throw out the Party Style Rules! Christmas Party Style Rebooted

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The Style Hawker – celebrity stylist Annabel Kerman – is back with tips on how to be fab with your holiday dressing — no shopping required!

I love a party as much as the next socially deprived mother of three. But there’s no denying dressing for Christmas festivities can be a potential style minefield, particularly if you spend 90% of the time working ‘off duty’ style (read thrown on daywear). But don’t panic, because this season fashion is reminding us that ‘party’ shouldn’t stand alone as a separate genre of dressing; that our daytime style choices should be informing how we dress up.

We need to retrain ourselves from thinking the Christmas staples of party dress and high heels are the only option, and that large portions of our wardrobes aren’t suitable for a night out. The key is how you pair pieces: the celebrities who constantly top best dressed lists and the people whose outfits catch our eye at parties are often those who are doing something unexpected with their look. And that in itself translates as current; youthful. Surely what we all secretly strive for.

So this Christmas try something a little bit different with your party outfit. Start with a key piece you love and using the tips below ‘style’ yourself rather than simply get dressed. This isn’t about buying a new wardrobe. In fact you will find that you unlock all sorts of pieces you’d never considered party worthy before, possibly allowing spare change for a few more cocktails along the way. (Which have to be the best accessories of all).


1. Masculine / Feminine

The biggest tip for the party season. Classic tailored shirt (pale blue scores extra points) + statement skirt or trousers. Tick. Classic party dress + mannish flats or tux. Tick. Tuxedo jacket as dress + killer heels. Tick tick. These combinations send out an ‘I have an offbeat approach to dressing for a party’ message. Plus they’re totally on point for 2015.


2. Geek Chic

A major trend for this season and next, working against sexy on the party circuit is, well, sexy this season. High necks; pussy bows; layering (if weather allows); long sleeves. Ditch the contacts for specs and practise intelligent conversation. You can always flash some bare leg (the luxury of our tropical climate) if it’s all getting a bit too Miss Marple.


3. Trousers

Trousers of all shapes and sizes are replacing the failsafe dress. Extra wide culottes bring a new feminity; The LBS (Little black suit to the uninitiated) has replaced the LBD and can be given an edge with this season’s statement jewellery. A surprise addition: Dress worn over trousers: surprisingly wearable and chic, plus in this part of the world feels positively right.


4. Shoes

For many the nude heeled court rules: let the outfit do the talking and the shoes blend into the background. Scrap that thought. This season make your shoes the star. From chunky flats to towering heels, a high impact and possibly unexpected pairing of shoes can make a simple dress wow, a grown up dress cool, and even boyfriend jeans party worthy.

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