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The Magic of Mama & Baby Massage

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Have you discovered the wonders of baby massage yet, mama? Here are some tips from one of Australasia’s leading experts on infant massage and aromatherapy!

It is well-documented that baby massage can play an instrumental role in aiding relaxation, improving digestion and reducing colic in newborn babies and infants. Research has also shown that baby massage is a valuable tool in encouraging weight gain for premature babies. Baby massage is an ideal way for mommies to bond with their newborns and infants. It’s a great way to get daddies involved in caring for their newborns and infants, too.

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Caden & Charles recently organized a Mummy and Baby Massage Workshop at Naiise The Cathay. The workshop was conducted by Catherine Cervasio, Founder of Aromababy Organic Skincare products from Australia. A leader in her field, Catherine personally handpicks pure ingredients for their therapeutic properties and efficacy to increase the benefits of Aromababy products. Catherine is a certified aroma therapist and Infant Massage Instructor who has been working in the area of product development of skin care products for more than 20 years now.

The enjoyable mama & baby workshop was perfect because baby massage classes aim to increase the bonding between mommies and their babies. By attending a baby massage workshop, mommies can practise the massage techniques on their babies supervised by a trained infant massage instructor.

Catherine began the class by discussing “Tips To Consider Prior To Baby Massage”. For instance, before massaging their babies, mothers should be free from work and chores. Catherine encouraged the mommies to take a few deep long breaths to ensure that they are totally relaxed and ready to spend some quality bonding time with their babies.

It is also important to massage newborns and infants in a warm environment because the body temperature of a newborn baby or infant drops rapidly when fully unclothed, so it is important to keep a swaddle wrap or a clean towel close by so as to cover the baby after the massage.

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Participants were also reminded to avoid harsh lighting and to play a soothing piece of music in the background during the baby massage session. Mommies should attempt to speak softly or sing to their babies during this special bonding session as they caress and stroke them.

Catherine also recommended removing all jewellery and keeping nails short and clean for baby massage. If mommies have long hair, they should tie it back and if they are wearing a long-sleeve shirt, roll up their sleeves before baby massage. Mommies should place one hand on their baby’s skin for the whole session so that the baby can look around and does not need to check if mommy is still there.

It was cautioned during the workshop that mommies should not attempt to massage their babies right after a feed or if baby is having hiccups. Mommies also shouldn’t massage newborns during bathtime to avoid over-stimulatation.

For the second part of the class, Catherine incorporated some simple massage techniques. Mommies had a quick introduction to “10 Steps To Basic Infant Massage”, then were encouraged to practise the massage techniques on their babies under Catherine’s supervision.

Catherine emphasized that it was important to use therapeutic-grade and high quality organic massage oils that have been approved by healthcare professionals.

For newborn babies, mothers should use suitable massage oils which are cold-pressed, preferably organic or vegetable oils which are petro-chemical free. Oils such as sweet almond or jojoba are ideal but they offer little nourishment to the skin when used on their own. Instead, a pre-blended product which is unscented (no essential oils or added fragrance) and contains a simple mix of additional cold- pressed, naturally nourishing oils such as calendula or evening primrose, would provide additional benefits to moisturize dry, sensitive and fragile skin whilst providing an exceptional medium for a fluid and relaxing massage.

Aromababy’s Newborn Massage oil is 99% certified organic. The product is free from essential oils which neonatal research has shown to be best for newborns. The product is low allergenic and uses pure, certified organic jojoba oil as a base to create the massage oil skin types.

Another massage oil which comes highly recommended is Aromababy’s Mother & Child Oil, which is fragrance and essential oil-free. It is suitable for expecting mothers during pregnancy and after delivery, particularly for mommies with sensitive skin and who do not wish to use essential oils. Mommies can massage this oil onto Baby’s scalp to eliminate cradle cap. The oil can also be massaged onto nipples to help alleviate cracking and soreness associated with early breastfeeding.

The workshop ended on a high note, as each participant received a full bottle of Aromababy Massage and Bath Oil with added certified organic French lavender and pure rose essential oils. This 100% natural product also contains chamomile healing oil, carrot oil and certified gmo-free natural vitamin E oil. However, pregnant mothers should check with their obstetrician or an expert aroma therapist before using this oil.

Happy bonding, mamas!

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