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The Lowdown on Blowouts: Singapore’s New Blow-dry Salons Tried and Tested!

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To say I am blasé about my hair is an understatement. Mostly straight, fine and brown, in my role as mama-on-the-run and partially thanks to the Singapore humidity, my mop is usually pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Pretty low maintenance compared to my three daughters’ long hair, which exists in various stages of curl and frizz. As such, their tresses visit the hairdressers much more often than mine. I must digress here to mention that, in my 40-something years, there have only been TWO hairdressers who have wowed me to the point where I sought them out whenever I dragged myself to the hairdressers. So yes, I am hard to impress — or incredibly loyal!! That said, my social calendar generally tends to either be a drought or a deluge, but for three weeks in a row, it was the latter; leading to numerous visits to the hairdressers. So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and get the low down on blowouts whilst getting presentable.


First stop:  Cosmo Hair & Beauty @ Great World City (#B2-08)

Being initially a bit ‘chicken’ to veer away from the convenient or familiar, I headed straight to my ‘local’. Having been there a few times before but yet to find my ‘special someone’, I just saw whoever would have me. Whilst I had no complaints, the experience lacked a certain je ne sais quoi… You know, same-same.

Why they ROCKAmazing pre-wash head massage. I could sit there all day! Sigh…




Next: Prep @ Mandarin Gallery (#03-34)

I was intrigued to hear about Singapore’s first “blowout only” salon. The brainchild of three Raffles Girls Alumni, Prep promotes the maxim, “great hair everyday” and encourages us gals to have regular blow outs as an integral part of our grooming routine. Inspired by a time when getting your hair set was a daily standard, BFFs Jacqueline, Yishi and Jacelyn set about keeping the experience simple; for $39, you can choose from six different types of looks: Straight Expectations (my choice), Wavering Heights, The Great Gats-Beach, Brave New Curl, Adventures of Tousled-Berry Finn or Sleeking Beauty – the choice is yours. With no cutting or dying at this salon, there were no lops of hair on the floor nor whiffs of chemicals. Instead, the experience was quite calming and relaxing. Although I was on my own, Prep has a lounge area where a group of gal-buddies (up to eight) can have a good old fashion chin-wag whilst getting ‘prepped’ at the same time.

Why they ROCK: The pictorial menu that lets you know exactly what you are in for; I love that the price remains the same – regardless of your hair length; and Prep keeps it simple by using only Redken and Shu Uemura products!




Last but not least: Blow + Bar @ The Watermark (#01-32)

As someone who doesn’t normally visit hairdressers very often, by the time I headed to Blow + Bar, I was suffering from ‘blowout fatigue’ and ready to be underwhelmed. The first inkling I had that the opposite was about to happen was when hairdresser extraordinaire, George, offered me a hand towel to freshen up – the way they do in First and Business Class on planes. Wine? Hmm… It was just nearly noon.. okaaay, twist my arm! But seriously, Blow + Bar have taken the whole idea of beautification to another level (and then some!). Founders Diana and Ashley (a branding consultant and an ex-L’Oreal specialist respectively) have well and truly done their homework. Here, they do everything – perfect for this time-poor-multi-tasking-Sassy-Mama! And they do it WELL! I decided to really put the team to the test, take the leap and opted for a trim, a blowout AND a mani-pedi. Then I sat back and watched as George worked his magic on my hair and Angelia create miracles on my shocking runner’s mangled feet and my ‘worker’s hands’ that will never see life as a hand model. But the real proof for me is always the-day-after: my ‘do’ continued to frame my 40-something face the following day (all WITHOUT the use of hairspray, I might add!) and my nails! Golly gosh! I am notoriously hard on my hands and I happened to even get in a bit of gardening the following day — with nary a chip to be seen!  n fact, my mani lasted a full 5 days: an ABSOLUTE record for me! Ladies (and gentlemen… Because they do a fab men’s cut too!), after nearly two years here in Singapore, this Sassy Mama has finally found my new go-to hair and nail place who REALLY ticks all the boxes!

Why they ROCK: In a word, EVERYTHING!


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