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Explore Singapore Rail Corridor: Nature Hiking, Forgotten Railway Tracks & IG-Worthy 1932 Story Cafe

Railway Corridor South: Bukit Timah Railway Station
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Singapore’s Rail Corridor is a lush 24km Green Corridor hiking trail that is perfect for family adventures plus don’t miss the IG-worthy 1932 Story Cafe at the historic Bukit Timah Railway Station.

If you’re eager to go hiking in the great outdoors with your kids, the Rail Corridor aka Green Corridor is your ultimate destination. Despite being a tiny red dot on the map, our vibrant city boasts a whopping 50 hiking trails, catering to every adventurer, big or small. From leisurely 0.4km strolls to challenging 150km treks, there’s a trail just waiting for your family’s exploration. Among these trails lies the Rail Corridor also known as the Green Corridor, our city’s newest treasure spanning 24km from Tanjong Pagar to Kranji. Picture this: charming bridges, meandering pathways, remnants of railways tracks and lush greenery framing a rustic wonderland. What makes the Rail Corridor section even more enchanting is its history; once part of Malaysia’s KTM railway line connecting Singapore and Malaysia, it has transformed into this delightful green swathe hence the name Green Corridor) after the trains ceased in 2011.

Ready to explore the Rail Corridor with the family? Let the adventure begin!

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Family Tips for the Rail Corridor Hike

Explore Singapore Rail Corridor: Nature Hiking, Forgotten Railway Tracks & IG-Worthy Cafe
Image: NParks Rail Corridor

If you’re taking little explorers on your Rail Corridor hike, start with short trails especially if they’re new to this kind of outdoor fun. Dive right into the heart of the Rail Corridor trail in the central section (see the explanation of different Rail Corridor sections below). You are allowed to cycle along sections of the Green Corridor but note the 10km/h speed limit.

Along your Rail Corridor hike, be prepared to be amazed by breathtaking sceneries and heritage landmarks including bridges, railway stations and old railway lines, perfect for all you Instagram enthusiasts out there! As you walk, keep your eyes peeled for vibrant butterflies, squirrels, and listen out for birds chirping away.


There are educational boards peppered along the Rail Corridor offering fascinating insights into the Green Corridor’s rich biodiversity. Engage your little ones with fun facts about plants, animals, and the importance of conserving our natural wonders. Make it a fun experience by letting kids bring binoculars or cameras! Plus don’t forget sturdy shoes, hats, mosquito repellant and water bottles.

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Three Main Sections of the Rail Corridor

Rail corridor
Hillview to kranji rail corridor north

There are many entry points to the Rail Corridor however there are three main sections:

North ( ~10km) – Starting from Kranji MRT, there are more than 30 points of access along this stretch of the Rail Corridor including Kranji War Memorial, Choa Chu Kang Road, and Hillview MRT. You can check out the entry points to the Rail Corridor North here.

Central ( ~4km) – Stretching along the former railway line from Hillview Road (Hillview MRT) to Bukit Timah Road (Bukit Timah Railway Station). This Rail Corridor section is packed with history, steel bridges, and tracks. Plus, you can refuel at the Rail Mall with some tasty bites. We suggest parking at the Rail Mall (if you drive) as a starting point for your adventure. Treat yourself to a refreshing drink from Cold Storage or Starbucks before setting off. You can check out the entry points to the Rail Corridor Central here.

South ( ~ 10km) – This section of the Railway Corridor starts from Hillview. You will pass by Clementi Forest, and head to Spooner Road. This is a popular spot thanks to the Bukit Timah Railway Station and 1932 Story Cafe. You can check out the entry points to the Rail Corridor South here.

Rail Corridor Central

Bukit Timah Railway Station Truss bridge Rail Corridor
Image Credit: Hongbin on Unsplash

In Rail Corridor Central, the iconic Upper Bukit Timah truss bridge, dating back to 1932, is now a bustling path after refurbishment and makes a fab photo stop! This Upper Bukit Timah truss bridge connects pedestrians and cyclists from the Rail Mall to the start of the Green Corridor hiking trail.

Rail Corridor Central map
Image: Nparks map of Rail Corridor Central

Just south lies Dairy Farm Nature Park, with the charming Singapore Quarry Bridge and railway signs guiding the way. Further ahead, the Hindhede Bridge offers options to venture into the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or Hindhede Nature Park, both near Beauty World. The trail leads to the old Bukit Timah Railway Station and Clementi Forest, a serene pocket of wilderness.

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Railway Corridor South: Bukit Timah Railway Station

Rail Corridor Singapore
Image credit: NParks

As you wander through Rail Corridor South, you’d feel like stepping into a living history book. There lies the iconic Bukit Timah Railway Station, a true historical gem restored to its 1932 glory now turned into a heritage gallery. Adjacent to the station, the Bukit Timah Truss Bridge offers awe-inspiring views and is a favourite spot for photographers. 

And there’s more! 1932 Story Cafe, nestled in the lovingly preserved Railway Staff Quarters sits invitingly across the tracks of the Bukit Timah Railway Station.

1932 Story Cafe

1932 story cafe along Rail Corridor
Images: 1932 Story Cafe

If you’re looking for a cosy spot to recharge after your walk, you’ve got to check out 1932 Story Cafe! It’s become a real hotspot for foodies and Instagram fans alike (they don’t really accommodate people walking in just to take photos though!). 1932 Story Cafe is dog-friendly so it’s the perfect pit stop along the Rail Corridor when you’re on a family walk with the doggos! Just a heads-up, 1932 Story Cafe can get pretty busy, so you might want to grab your coffee to go and find a shady spot under the trees to soak in the views.

1932 Story Café, Bukit Timah Railway Station Community Node, 1005 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 596121

Map of Railway Corridor South

Rail Corridor South
Image: Nparks Rail Corridor South map

Once you’re at Bukit Timah Railway Station you’re at the midpoint of the Railway Corridor. It’s equidistant at 12 km whether you walk north to Kranji or south towards Tanjong Pagar (however there’s currently no access all the way to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station).

Rail Green Corridor trail hiking trail singapore
Image Credit: NParks

From Bukit Timah Railway Station you can continue south along the Green Corridor through the lovely Clementi Forest towards Spooner Road via Rail Corridor (South).

Rail Corridor North: Kranji Node and Hillview Bridge

Green Corridor North Map outdoor hiking trail singapore
Image credit: NParks map of Rail Corridor North

If the thought of a 24km trek sounds a bit overwhelming (totally get it!), there’s a slightly shorter path to enjoy the Rail Corridor! Check out Kranji Node, a 250m nature trail that starts at Kranji MRT station and takes you on a charming journey to Spooner Road in the South.

Now, here’s the scoop: this part of the Corridor to Spooner road spans about 21km, but the best part is – you don’t have to take on the entire stretch, especially with the little ones in tow. There are over 30 access points sprinkled along the route, linking communities and neighbours seamlessly. Exciting highlights include revamped trails between Hillview MRT station and the Upper Bukit Timah truss bridge, plus the newly restored Hillview Bridge. This bridge leads you to a 6m high lookout deck offering breathtaking vistas of Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Rail Corridor Bukit Timah Railway Station
Image credit; NParks

How to get to Rail Corridor North: Kranji node
By bus: 160, 170, 170X, 178, 925, 925M960, 961, 961M Alight opposite Kranji MRT Station
By MRT: Alight at Kranji MRT Station Upon exiting the MRT station, cross the pedestrian overhead bridge
By car:  There is no parking facility available.

How to get to Rail Corridor North: Hillview bridge
By bus: 67, 75, 170, 176, 178, 184, 961, 961M, 963, 970 Alight at Hillview Station
By MRT: Alight at Hillview MRT Station, Exit B Upon exiting the MRT station, turn right and walk along the ramp leading to Rail Corridor
By car: Parking is available at The Rail Mall. Parking charges may apply.

Rail Mall: Where to Eat Near Rail Corridor

rail mall along rail corridor green corridor singapore
Image Credit: Nuly

The Rail Mall is unlike those typical malls; this one has a cosy single-story layout. It’s packed with a bunch of interesting shops, cafes, and even a bar. What makes Rail Mall special is all those Instagram-worthy spots that add a dash of fun to your visit.

For great Italian food, hit up Acqua e Farina or tuck into prata at Springleaf Prata Place. For family-friendly food at Rail Mall try the seafood at fast-casual chain Fish & Co, Popeyes Famous Louisiana Chicken or New Teck Kee Chicken Rice.

There’s an adorable cat cafe, The Cat Cafe, tucked away in a quiet corner of The Rail Mall if you’re looking for another activity to tack onto your Rail Corridor adventure. It’s a haven for rescued cats searching for their forever homes. If the kids need a little encouragement to get started on their Rail Corridor hike you could let them know that there’s a visit to the Rail Mall cat cafe waiting at the end of the hiking trip — that should motivate them!

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All the information on the RailCorridor provided is correct to the best of our knowledge but it’s always best to check directly with NParks before you make any trip in case of closures.

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