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Swap, Don’t Shop: Swapaholic is *the* Event for Green Fashionistas

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Declutter, refresh your closet, and swap sustainably for just $30 or less

You may have heard of the closet rule of thumb: let go of any clothing you haven’t worn in the past six months. Most of us are terrible at this (hoarder alert?) but it is understandable that it can be difficult to part with items in your closet – you used to really love it, but now it’s outdated; it doesn’t fit anymore (but you’re in denial); it has sentimental value; you bought it at a steal but never found the right time to wear it… the list goes on.

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It doesn’t change the fact that often our wardrobes are bursting with clothes we no longer wear, which results in the famous “Omg I have NOTHING to wear!” line our partners are so used to hearing every time we get ready for a night out. So instead of heading to the nearest fast fashion retailer and yet again falling into a rabbit hole of impulsively buying trendy clothing items that you’ll most probably only wear once (and possibly contribute to the ongoing human exploitation so many fast fashion houses are part of), go for a clothes swap.

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Swapaholic is a massive clothing and accessories swap that allows you to trade in your items in exchange for points to use at their famous Swap Party, a cashless ‘flea market’ of sorts where you can swap till you drop. For just $15 (swap 1 to 3 items) or $30 (swap 4 to 20 items), you’ll get to streamline your wardrobe and discover unique finds you’ll actually want to wear.

How it works:

Step 1: Register online, proceed with payment and select your preferred pick up date and time for Swapaholic to collect your clothes, shoes or accessories. All men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, shoes and accessories in good quality are accepted.

Step 2: Once the items are collected, Swapaholic goes through a stringent process for quality checks and generates Swapling points for each item. Any clothes that are rejected can be collected on the event day, or you can choose to donate them to Swapaholic for recycling/repurposing for other usage.

Step 3: Rock up to the next Swap Party and swap clothes using your Swapling points! Want to swap more than what you registered for? Bring a friend and you can use their remaining swap points to get more items! You will not be allowed to top-up additional cash amount to swap for more clothes.

We also heard there’ll be plenty of surprises in store on event day – one of them being a chance to swap clothes from influencers like super-stylish mama besties Aarika Lee and Charmaine Seah-Ong, and conscious local brands Matter and TINT! Reduce waste, save money, and score really cool clothes… BRB, packing up our unwanted threads like, NOW!

Where my green fashionistas at?

Follow Swapaholic on Instagram for the latest news on their swap parties!

All images courtesy of Swapaholic via Facebook; GIF sourced via Gifer

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