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Singapore Hawker Centre Tours with Wok ‘n’ Stroll

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The Sassy and Sassy Mama Singapore team recently had a chance to tour Singapore’s incomparable Tekka Market in Little India with Karni Tomer of Wok ‘n’ Stroll Culinary Adventures

Many of us were familiar with our local wet markets – generally the best place to get high-quality meats and produce at prices far less offensive than what you’ll find at the grocery stores – but were pretty intimidated by the behemoth that is the Tekka Hawker Centre and Wet Market. With intrepid foodie Karni by our side, however, we ended the day like wise locals.

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As the largest wet market in Singapore with over 250 stalls, Tekka offers every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable – durians! Florida grapefruits! avocados! even kale! – at extremely reasonable prices. It’s also got a fantastic selection of meats and fish available from Indian, Malay and Chinese merchants. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The tour began with a stroll around the hawker centre, where Karni caught up with some of her favourite hawkers and highlighted some of the centre’s best dishes, like Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, Vada, and Dosai. With a delicious Teh Halia (ginger tea) accompaniment, we feasted like queens while Karni filled us in on her culinary pedigree (she formerly taught cooking in her native Israel, and was swayed by her husband to move to Southeast Asia because of its amazing street food).

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Fully sated on a variety of delicious carbs and succulent poultry, we made our way into the labyrinthine wet market (which, compared to many other wet markets in Singapore, is actually quite open and airy, thanks to a 2008 renovation). Along the way Karni picked some of her favourite tropical fruits for us to snack on: longans, mangosteen, and jackfruit. (Bonus: she showed us how to open up each these tricky fruits to eat them!).

In between snacking, shopping, and a few cheeky photos, the morning had flown by and it was already time for lunch. We finished up with some delicious mango Lassi and chendol, and then we were off. It was a fab way to experience an otherwise-daunting spot with a seasoned pro!

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In addition to Tekka Market, Karni also leads tours both day and night through hardcore foodie destinations like Geylang, Joo Chiat, Seafood Lagoon Hawker Centre, and others. She also offers a range of cooking classes. So if you’re keen to experience Singapore through all five senses – but especially taste – get in touch with Karni, mama, for a lovely little wok ‘n’ stroll.

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