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Sassy Scoop: IFC Personal Training – Making mamas strong and lean!

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ifc_DCGLocated in the heart of River Valley, just a five-minute stroll from Kith Café at Robinson Quay, a crack team of personal trainers are whipping Singapore’s mamas into the best shape of their lives! IFC Personal Training is led by Aussie expat Aaron Rolley, and if you’re sceptical about how a team of blokes have become utterly expert at training pre- and post-partum women (and preggers ladies too!), then read on!


We kicked off with a consultation with Aaron himself, a Sports Scientist who has spent 18 years working with clients; that makes him one of Singapore’s most experienced personal trainers. It’s always nerve-wracking walking into a new gym for the first time if you’re not the most in-shape of mamas, but thankfully IFC’s studio is as friendly and unintimidating as you can imagine. We were lucky enough to meet (and train with!) the rest of Aaron’s team too so can attest to the fact that they are all intelligent, lovely guys. No meatheads flexing in the mirror here! The studio itself is bright, airy and generally gorgeous, with showers and top-quality facilities.

Once Aaron has had a quick chat about your goals and fitness history, it’s straight into your first workout so he can assess how you move and see what he’s dealing with, so he can make sure you’re training safely which is obviously especially important for pregnant and post-partum mamas. You’ll definitely be challenged as IFC keeps you right at the edge of your comfort zone, but we never felt like we couldn’t complete an exercise. Even if it sounded impossible — like one-legged burpees, Aaron guided us through it to a real sense of achievement.

tpAaron_001Week by week, workouts progressed in difficulty as our confidence (and muscle tone!) increased. We saw other mamas and mamas-to-be working out in the studio with the team, and were deeply impressed by all the success stories: the mama of four who looks enviably fantastic, the woman who can bench-press more than her own bodyweight, all the pregnant ladies making a commitment to staying active thereby ensuring they won’t have to work quite as hard afterwards. There’s never anything monotonous about the training either – from TRX systems to medicine balls, resistance bands and your own body weight, IFC mix it up, taking a little something from Pilates, Yoga, weights and interval training to get fantastic results.

IFC’s Trainers schedule their sessions via SMS, which is hugely convenient for busy mamas with overflowing inboxes. They were flexible each week to fit in with our individual schedules, and proactive about getting in touch (nope, they won’t let you get away with “forgetting” a week’s session!). They also take a holistic, scientific approach to your fitness, advising on nutrition, sleep and how to take care of yourself, something we mamas tend to be not all that good at doing!

We are so hooked on our IFC sessions now that we’re seeing real results – as well as feeling better in a bikini, it’s a boost to see oneself getting stronger and leaner as a result of our (and IFC’s!) hard work. Obviously personal training doesn’t come cheap, and IFC is no exception, but if you’re serious about shedding kilos and achieving a lean, strong body, IFC is a smart investment to reach your goals, quickly.

See you in the gym mamas!

IFC Personal Training
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (+65) 9431 7880



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