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Sassy Scoop: Guilt-free Snacking for the Whole Fam from Stephen James Organics!

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SJO_DCG_revGuilt-free and delicious snacking… is there such a thing? There most certainly is mamas! Volcanic Pili nuts, living energy nut and seed bars and coconut flower sugar are just a few of the fab products that you will fall in love with if you get a chance to mm(eat) them.

If you are already a serious fan of Stephen James Organics goodies, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that we have managed to snag sassy mamas a 10% discount on the entire range of yummy treats from today until Christmas! If you aren’t in on the secret already, read on, ‘cos we’re giving you the scoop on some products that will really do you and your kiddos some serious good…

Stephen James Organics first came to life when a papa wanted to give himself and his fam the best food he could possibly find! He travelled the world to seek out the finest natural and organic whole ingredients to prepare and package them into convenient snacks. And believe us, this was no easy feat in our time of processed, fake and fast food, where MSG is the norm, but he did it! The secret to releasing living energy from whole foods lies in pre-sprouting and dehydrating raw ingredients (not cooking them!) therefore maximizing their inherent nutritious value.

Like many of you mamas out there we often find ourselves starved for energy and grabbing whatever is easiest or nearest, and also doing the same for our kids. But a quick fix usually results in munchkins gulping snacks down like a python (they don’t chew either) and 10 minutes later you are both riding the sticky waves of a sugar high. Many of the snacks that are labeled as good for your kids don’t stand up to closer label inspection – filled with high fructose corn syrup, salt or worse. The Stephen James Organics products are firstly delicious AND also 100% organic and gluten-free with no fillers or other nasties. High cane sugar and corn syrup are soooo last season, mamas!

They even have mini energy bars, which are perfectly sized for your own mini’s snack time. And tried the insanely Pili nuts yet? The only problem is that they are addictive… but hang on, that really isn’t a problem since they are 100% organic, dehydrated, sprouted and totally good for you. Phew!

Xmas Hamper BSo start the festive season with a well-deserved break from no-good snacks by stocking up on some raw bars from Stephen James Organics, or if you’d like to help someone else on the road to good health, they’ve got a selection of Christmas hampers just waiting to be eaten by someone close to you!

So log on to Orevo’s website (they are the only distributor in Singapore) and stock up on some goodies for you and your loved ones! For your 10% discount, apply the code: SASSY at checkout.

Psst… three Sassy Mama customers can also win a gift box worth over $50 each from Orevo Asia when they make a purchase, so get clicking to get lucky! (Winners will be announced on 15 December 2013.)


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