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Sassy Scoop: Go organic and taste the difference with Organic Bonmil

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At Sassy Mama, we try our best to fill our little one’s tummies with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy goodies. Despite it being a less than fun task (honestly, feeding kids well is hard work mama!), it did get us wondering about how else we could improve our kids’ diets… so we turned to the Product Manager (she’s also a registered nurse and a mama!) from Organic Bonmil to chat to her about organic food and why it can be a good choice for families.

What is organic food?

Organic food is essentially any food that has been produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics or fertilizers. The term “organic” also covers the ways in which foods are grown and processed – so organic dairy products for example, come from cows that are fed a completely organic diet, rich in grass and without the use of any antibiotics or growth hormones in the animals. With all of Bonmil’s diary cows, they are free to roam the pastures and graze on the grass… thereby producing good quality milk that meets organic labeling requirements.

Why is choosing organic food a good choice for my family?

Organic food is a natural alternative that reduces your family’s exposure to pesticides and other chemicals, and often just tastes better than its non-organic counterparts! Choosing organic food can also benefit the environment, as organic farming practices reduce pollution, improve soil quality and conserve water.

What is Organic Bonmil and how is it different from other dairy products?

Bonmil is an organic milk powder that is used to make milk for everyday use. It takes next to no time to prepare – simply add to fresh water and stir – and the powder can be stored in the cupboard for up to 18 months. You’ll never run out of milk again and it saves all those hurried trips to the supermarket to buy milk for mama’s coffee! As it’s produced at one of New Zealand’s premier organic farms, it’s free from any nasty food additives, antibiotics, growth hormones, colours and preservatives, so it’s a great choice for children (and their parents!) who are looking for a healthy source of dairy to include in their diets.

Who is Bonmil for? Is it a substitute for breastfeeding or formula?

Absolutely not! Bonmil products are a great way to boost the family’s diet with extra vitamins, minerals and protein but in no way does it displace breastfeeding. We all know how hard it can be to feed children nutritious and balanced meals (that they actually want to eat!) and Bonmil provides that extra bit of nutritional support that busy families sometimes need. Toddlers from 1 to 3 years can enjoy the one plus range, which is packed with the essential nutrients and protein growing bodies need, while older kids can slurp on the 3 plus range. Adults aren’t forgotten either with full cream milk powder that is full of folic acid, calcium and iron – so it’s perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas too!

Sounds great! Where can I buy it?

You can buy the full range of Bonmil products here or you can call the Bonmil health care hotline at +65 8102 9174 or email [email protected].

Bonmil is ISO 9001 certified and is also halal.



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