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Sassy Scoop: Get luscious legs with a visit to The Vein Centre

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theveincentre_dcgYep, we love to talk about all the reaaallly sexy topics here at Sassy Mama – today we’re all about varicose veins and spider veins, or more specifically, how to get rid of the blighters! Most of us have got them (one of those fab little “extra gifts” that come with pregnancy) and as Singapore is a legs-out place all year round, we got fed up with sighing at our stems in shorts and went to see the fab folks at The Vein Centre to get ourselves sorted.

The Vein Centre is a one-stop specialist clinic that uses minimally invasive treatments (that means as little time away from the kiddos as possible) to deal with both your spider and varicose veins. Headed by eminent vascular surgeon, Dr. Imran Nawaz, this is not your granny’s vein treatment, gone are the days of painful vein stripping procedures with scarring and lots of downtime. At the Vein Centre it’s all high-tech, super-quick and (practically) pain-freeyou’ll only wish you went there earlier.

Teeny spider veins can generally be banished with just one session of laser zapping, while larger ones and minor varicose veins are dealt with via wee injections (known as Foam Sclerotherapy). If you’ve got a more serious case of deep truncal varicose veins you might need a mini-procedure known as Endovenous Laser Therapy that still will have you home in time for dinner with the munchkins. Don’t buy into the myth of “they will fade” or “go away by themselves”- they won’t. And waiting until you’re done having kids, probably will make things worse.

The Vein Centre has a team of helpful and friendly staff that will happily assist with everything from appointment scheduling to liaising with your insurance company (yes, varicose veins are a medical condition!). They even send uplifting text messages after your procedure to make sure all is well.

No less than two of our Sassy Mamas have had first hand experience with the very skilled Dr. Nawaz and now have some seriously sassy legs to show for it. Get ready to put your best leg forward mama and make an appointment with The Vein Centre today! 

The Vein Centre
Camden Medical Centre
#11-03/04, 1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649
Tel: (+65) 6733 0377
Email: [email protected]


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