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Sassy Scoop: Get firm and fabulous with Hypoxi!

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As much as we try to eat well, move often, and generally take good care of ourselves, sometimes all those good intentions, well….they just don’t convert into the results we want. Lucky for us, the clever folks at HYPOXI have finally made their way to Singapore and are ready to get you into shape with their easy cardio training program that will rid you of your wobbly bits and reduce that unwanted cellulite. Bring it on mama…

The HYPOXI method works by increasing blood flow to your problem areas (you know the ones we’re talking about mama – the legs, buttocks, hips and stomach) improving circulation and promoting fat burning. The theory is that fat burns more readily in those areas with high blood supply. By increasing the blood flow to the areas you want to target you’ll get an increased fat and circumference loss in those areas. Score!


Regular sessions with HYPOXI have been consistently shown to rid your body of stubborn fat deposits, smooth the appearance of cellulite (oh yes please!), tone and tighten the skin as well as improve complexion. Concerned you’ll need to pound the pavement to get results? Don’t be mama! There are no rigorous training sessions with Hypoxi; it’s about exercising effectively rather than wearing yourself out on the treadmill. In a word, it’s a breeze!

Each appointment begins with a twenty-minute Dermology toning session where, much like traditional Chinese cupping therapy, low and high-pressure is applied to the target areas to stimulate circulation and draw fatty acids from the tissue into the bloodstream. Follow this up with a thirty-minute light cycling session on the Trainer L250 or S120 where your muscles burn those fatty acids, and you’re all done. Your work out is finished in under an hour — quick enough for you to be home before junior wakes from his afternoon nap.

Ready to lose those wobbly bits mama?

Buy 10 Hypoxi-method and/or Hypoxi-Dermology sessions today and you’ll get 2 sessions free — buy 20 sessions and you’ll get 6 free!

Address: 22 Lorong Telok #02-01, Singapore 049034
Telephone: (+65) 6536 3080


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