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Sassy Mama x Spotify playlist: Classical Music for Smart Kids

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Earlier this week we wondered whether listening to Mozart makes kids smarter. While all research seems to indicate that it can indeed help with focus and perhaps even improve some math skills, we still won’t promise that playing classical music for your baby in the womb will be their ticket to Harvard.

That said, there’s a reason it’s called classical music: it represents some of the most sophisticated and inventive music ever composed (according to good old Wikipedia, the term was coined in the early 19th century as “an attempt to distinctly canonize the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Beethoven as a golden age”). The way we see it, there’s no downside to giving your munchkins an appreciation for the classics; ideally it can help them focus (or at least relax!), and might even inspire them to take up the violin or piano.

With all that in mind, our friends over at Spotify have put together a playlist of the grand masters’ greatest hits, if you will: “Classical Music for Smart Kids“. With recognisable compositions from Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and of course the man himself (Mozart), it’s a fantastic primer for little ones — whether they’re listening in utero or looking for some good background music for doing homework. We think you’ll enjoy it too, mamas!

Lead image sourced via Children's Concerts UK

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