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REVIEW: What Can Baby Shark Fans Expect at New Pinkfong World Adventure Playground?

Visit Baby Shark & Pinkfong World Adventure playground
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Baby Shark doo, doo, doo, do do do doo! Get ready to hear this on repeat at Pinkfong World Adventure! But wait, there’s more! Here’s what to expect from ball pits to Pinkfong mascots, interactive games, a bouncy castle and a merry-go-round!

Do your kids love Pinkfong and Baby Shark? Should you cough up for tickets for the whole family for Pinkfong World Adventure – even though everyone needs tickets from adults to babies? Our contributor Karen Stanfield checks out the new play space to share what to expect at this new immersive playground Pinkfong World Adventure at Let’s Play Marina Square.

What to expect at Pinkfong World Adventure: 

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure

Pinkfong World Adventure playground

Head into Pinkfong World Adventure (remember to bring socks!) and you’ll first come across a cute car to have your picture taken in.

Ball pit, trampoline and slide

Pinkfong World Adventure playground

Next kids will go crazy for the huge green ball pit with mini trampolines. There’s a large area to play in the balls, soft climbing, and slide (complete with auntie to ensure kids wait their turn and only head up the stairs when the slide is clear).

Sledge to zoom down the slide!

Pinkfong World Adventure playground

Another employee at the top of the slide helps the kids get on a sledge and gently pushes them down where they land with a splash into the balls. The sledge is on a rope so it can be pulled back up for the next kiddo.

Pinkfong World Adventure playground

This area is great for toddlers with plenty of space to crawl and climb. Kids up to 8 will have fun jumping and swimming in the balls and checking out the wide slide. Parents will appreciate soft seating along the edge of the ball pit as well as an open area adjacent to where they watch the fun.

Pinkfong Characters for meet and greets

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure

Keep a look out for more Pinkfong characters that kids can have their photo taken with!

Interactive Baby Shark wall

Sing and dance along to Baby Shark as you’re projected onto the wall as a character in the song. At the end of the song there’s a QR to scan so you can view your performance again.

Pinkfong World Adventure Carousel

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure

This Baby Shark carousel is VERY slow. Best for tiny riders. There are no straps, so if you have a wiggler, hold on!

Ride-on cars for tots

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure

Kids aged 3-5 years old will enjoy the ride on battery-powered cars along the Pinkfong-themed road!

Ocean-themed spring ride-on

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure

Sit and rock on the rocking Pinkfong character seats. Kids will also get the chance to step inside their very own bubble. Step onto the circular platform and have a bubble pulled up around you!


Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure swings

Run and hop onto a Pinkfong-themed ball to make this merry-go-round spin. Especially fun for bigger kids as you’ll need some balance and coordination to do it. It’s not operated by engine so parents may need to help push the merry-go-round along.

Tactile sensory sand play

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure sand play

Time to chill a bit so head over to the sand bead play area (it’s not actually sand but instead a very satisfying tactile experience with sand beads). Kids will have fun with the shovels, boats and squishy veggies. There are beanbags opposite if parents are ready for a rest!

Photo ops galore at Pinkfong World Adventure mirrors

More Pinkfong World Adventure games

Hall of mirrors:  check out all the funny versions of yourself through a whole lineup of whacky mirrors.

Kids in space: have your photo taken at one of the interactive screens and personalize it with your chosen accessories then upload it to the big screen where you’ll see your astronaut self floating in space.

Zipline Older kids will have fun with the zipline. Hop onto a 'cloud' for a smooth and slow glide.

Pinkfong World Adventure mascots

Photo opp: climb inside a spaceship with a few of the mascots for more photos!

pinkfong playground

Adjacent are more Pinkfong characters that the kids can check out and take a photo with.



Older kids will have fun with the zipline. Hop onto a ‘cloud’ for a smooth and slow glide.

There’s a Baby Shark ride that’s a throw back to the pirate ship ride. Step aboard the shark and gently slide forward and back. It’s made up of bench seating without seatbelts so be mindful if you have a wiggly little one!

Pinkfong merhandise shop

You can purchase Pinkfong and Baby Shark stuffies and other themed items on your way out in the Pinkfong Adventure merchandise shop.

pinkfong baby shark playground

Our verdict on Pinkfong Adventure playground:
“Overall a fun and engaging play space. Our 7-year-old had a blast and our 9-year-old enjoyed it as well even though it’s geared toward younger kids. The ball pit area, slide, merry-go-round and sand bead pit were the highlights. Age-wise 2-6 years old is probably the sweet spot for to enjoy Pinkfong World Adventure. Baby Shark music is playing in the background, but thankfully it wasn’t too loud!”

Pinkfong Adventure playground
for adults and kids are $28.80 per bundle or $32 each.
Each session lasts for 1 hour 40 minutes for these timings: 10am – 11.40am; 1.30pm – 3.10pm; 4pm – 5.40pm; 6.30pm – 8.10pm.
When: 7 October 2022 until 2 January 2023

More tips for your Pinkfong Adventure visit:

  • Remember to bring socks!
  • Kids of all ages are chargeable including babies.
  • The entrance to Pinkfong World Adventure is behind Starbucks.
  • Restrooms are next door. Stroller parking is available upon entering.

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Pink Fong World Adventure, Let’s Play @ Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-208/209, Singapore 039594

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