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Potty Training Apps: Sassy Mama’s Top 5!

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If you’re looking for help and support with toilet training, check out our top 5 potty training apps, mama!

While some still swear by old-school potty-training tools like books and stickers, 21st-century parents are lucky to have another weapon in the arsenal: APPS! They’re easier to keep clean, they track progress better than our sleep-deprived brains ever could, and they’ve got the bright colors, flashing lights and zippy sounds that toddlers love. Here’s a collection of some of our faves, mamas!

Potty training with animals

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals
Cost: $2.58
Ranked #1 in the potty training category by reviews, this award-winning app is highly interactive. Kiddos who’ve been learning animals and animal sounds will love helping the horse, cat and others use the potty. The app is customisable for a boy or a girl, and narration is available in nine different languages. It even comes with its own celebratory music video!


Potty Time with Elmo
Cost: $3.98
The top-selling potty training app, Potty Time with Elmo enlists one of the toddler set’s biggest megastars to encourage your little one while he teaches his baby doll David the steps to successful potty training. Featuring five fairly catchy sing-along songs, the app also includes animated stickers with a reward chart, storybook narration, themed puzzles, and tips for determined parents.


Once Upon a Potty (for the Boy version, click here)
Cost: $2.58
For the old-schoolers amongst us, a way to share one of the classics from our childhood with the next generation: with specific versions for boys and girls, Alona Frankel’s best-selling book comes to life with highlighted narration, tappable words and pictures, and surprise sound effects sure to get littlies giggling. There’s an emphasis on discovery through play, and we apologize in advance if “The Potty Song” gets stuck in your head for the next few months!


Potty Time
Cost: Free (but some in-app features cost extra)
With an emphasis on fun and positivity, tiny tots can discover the delights of potty training through songs, signs and dance to “celebrate their amazing bodies and potty time success”. This FREE app is packed with features like a matching game, music videos, virtual stickers and a printable chart. But the highlight for most munchkins is the “video call” they receive from the enthusiastic narrator praising their efforts.


Potty Charts
Cost: $2.98
This simple and straightforward app is highly customisable and a great way to keep the wee ones motivated: parents can headline each chart with their child’s name and personalise each row with goals specific to that child’s progress. You can also keep things fresh with 10 different stickers (each with its own special sound effect) that prompt a colourful animation once the row has been filled.

Just remember Mamas: as tech-savvy as today’s toddlers are, good old-fashioned patience, positivity and encouragement are every bit as essential to potty training success. Good luck!

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