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Amazing Deals on Educational STEAM Toys and Books for Kids of All Ages: STEAM Store Launches!
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On the lookout for exciting educational STEAM toys and books for kids of all ages? is launching their new STEAM store! Hurry, don’t miss the special deals!

STEAM (short for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) learning is a big deal in most schools these days for kids to develop a wide range of skills, ranging from critical thinking and problem-solving to the basics of engineering and science. STEAM toys and books are a great way to keep kids entertained while they learn in a fun, hands-on way. But where can you find great quality STEAM products for girls and boys of all ages? Drum roll…Come 25 August 2021, is launching their new STEAM Store, which will be jam-packed with all sorts of STEAM-related toys and books!

The launch of this new online store marks Amazon Singapore’s commitment to STEAM education for children in Singapore, offering them an opportunity to enjoy STEAM learning at every age. The new storefront will offer the most relevant selections for parents and kids to develop their interest in topics such as math, science, engineering, coding and more!

Not only will you get easy access to a wide range of STEAM products from some of the world’s best brands, but those with Amazon Prime Membership (which only costs $2.99/month) can also enjoy next-day delivery via Prime Delivery. Additionally, Prime membership also gives you unlimited access to various other perks – think grocery delivery service via Amazon Fresh, family-friendly TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, free games and in-game perks on Prime Gaming and more! Start with a 30-day trial on Amazon Prime for FREE, then pay only $2.99 per month thereafter to enjoy the perks!

STEAM toys and books for all ages

To celebrate the launch of the new STEAM store, shoppers will be able to enjoy up to 25% off selected toys and books from brands such as LEGO, Learning Resources, Magformers and more from 25 August to 1 September 2021. Want to start your STEAM shopping spree? We’ve got some great recommendations to get you started!

LEGO Technic Porsche 911 STEAM Store - Lego Technic Porsche 911Suitable for: Ages 10 and up
Get 25% off purchases between 25 August and 1 September 2021
Local (available with Prime Delivery)
Why parents love it: If your child is a budding gearhead, then this is the perfect STEAM toy set to get them intrigued about automotive engineering. Don’t let the number of pieces intimidate you though, because this LEGO building kit is actually a great activity to do with your child. While the assembly process is complex, it’s challenging enough to keep kids interested. LEGO enthusiasts rave about this set, as it includes a working six-cylinder engine, suspension, steering plus other authentic interior details. The finished model is said to be nearly half a metre-long, so you’ll need to find space in your display case once it’s fully assembled. The STEAM Store is also rolling out a 25% discount on all purchases of the LEGO 51515 Robot Inventor and the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set between 25 August and 1 September 2021!

Magformers-Carnival Set STEAM Store - Magformers Carnival SetsSuitable for: Ages 3 and up
Promotion: Get 25% off for purchases between 25 August and 1 September 2021
Delivery: Local (available with Prime Delivery)
Why parents love it: There are 46 pieces in this fairground ride-themed STEAM toy set, allowing children plenty of room to develop their imagination and creativity. The pieces are colourful and easy to play with and keep curious little ones busy for hours. If you already have other Magformers sets at home, the Carnival Set will mix well with pieces from those sets. There’s a cute model booklet if you need a little inspiration, and you can use the pieces to teach your child about different shapes, too.

Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Solar System STEAM Store - Inflatable Solar SystemSuitable for: Ages 5 – 9
Get 25% off purchases between 25 August and 1 September 2021
Local (available with Prime Delivery)
Why parents love it: Assembly takes a little time, but this inflatable solar system gives children a better understanding of just how vast space can be. The inflatable planets are rather large, and it makes for a great display either on the ceiling or on a larger shelf. There’s a vinyl repair kit just in case the planets develop holes over time.

The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic Rescue STEAM Store - The Secret Explorers SeriesSuitable for: Ages 7 – 9
Delivery: Local
Why parents love it: This fun STEAM book is part of The Secret Explorers series, and each book features a different exciting adventure (a great way to encourage kids to discover their own passions, if you ask us!), real-life facts that relate to the adventure in question and plenty of additional content like quizzes, educational diagrams and a glossary. This particular book revolves around a diverse group of young STEAM experts who go back in time to the age of dinosaurs so they can save one dino egg from being destroyed. But first, they’ll need to use all their wits to outsmart a cunning Allosaurus, rescue a baby Stegosaurus and find out how to attract an Archaeopteryx. Not only is the narrative engaging, but there are also lots of fun illustrations and dino-related facts.

Engino Discovering STEM Fluid Dynamics STEAM Store - Engino Discovering STEM Fluid DynamicsSuitable for: Ages 8 – 16
Delivery: Local (available with Prime Delivery)
Why parents love it: Science lovers will get to discover the history behind the physics principles they learn in the classroom today, understand real-world applications and more via the kit’s learning and instruction manual. This STEAM toy kit covers the fundamentals of fluid dynamics concepts and theories, explaining questions such as how blood flows through your body, why some objects float and others don’t, and even how the weather works. They’ll even be introduced to popular figures such as Archimedes, Pascal and Bernoulli and get a full lesson in how their principles were first formulated and how they are still relevant in the modern world.

Join the STEAM challenge! believes that coding is the language of the future, which is why it’s teaming up with Science Centre Singapore for the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge. The challenge is an exciting online game, that’s complimentary for children aged 9 to 16 years old in Singapore. Kids can learn the basics of coding and robotics through the online workshop then try their hand at coding the Amazon Hercules robot to deliver a birthday present to a friend within an allotted time. There are immersive activities and games aplenty to develop your child’s creativity, problem-solving skills and spark interest in STEM. Sign-ups are open from now till 12 September 2021, and no prior experience in coding is needed!

Want to learn more about the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge? Click here to sign up, or click here to browse through the STEAM Store!,

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