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How to make playtime for your DUPLO-obsessed toddler even more fun

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Here’s how you can do more with DUPLOs, mama!

Chances are you’re familiar with DUPLO, mama. It’s like LEGO’s younger sibling — bricks that are twice the length, height and width of traditional LEGO pieces, designed to be safe and suitable for small hands (from the age of 18 months, in fact!).


The benefits of playing with blocks are numerous and well-documented: they build creativity, develop fine motor skills, enhance problem-solving, and so much more. Really the only downside I can find to LEGOs and DUPLOs is the risk of stepping on them (though of course they now make slippers for that!).

Building DUPLO towers happens to be one of my 2.5-year-old’s favourite activities, so when I was asked to review DUPLO’s new “Building Better Play” series I eagerly accepted. As you can see from above, Maggie was a pretty eager guinea pig.

“Building Better Play” is a series of 12 videos that were recently launched on YouTube, featuring child development experts who help explain both why kiddos love DUPLO so much and how they can benefit, but also give tips for parents on how to make the most of playtime.

For instance in the first episode, “Building Toddler Confidence Through Play”, child psychologist Dr. Charlotte Reznick explains how tasks as simple as connecting bricks together, or tipping over a tower, build confidence and help toddlers feel empowered. Her tip about how parents should focus on the process of building as well as the outcome was a good reminder of how I can support and encourage Maggie’s play.

Meanwhile, I’ve been amazed to watch all the ways Maggie has enjoyed the “Mickey’s Playhouse” she received: my husband helped her follow the instructions to build it, but what’s been really fun is to see how she chooses to creatively interact with the pieces.

Whether it’s having Goofy go waterskiing (I have no idea where she learned about waterskiing!), setting Mickey on the potty and telling us exactly what he’s doing (DUPLO really knows their audience when they include a realistic toilet in a playhouse set), or deconstructing the blocks to build “shakers” – the set has helped her imagination soar (and bought me a full hour of quiet independent play on a Sunday afternoon – hallelujah!).


We received a branded Mickey set, but I’m keen to pick up more open-ended sets like “Truck and Tracked Excavator” and “Around the World”, which includes everything from animals to airplanes. I’ve honestly watched each and every one of the videos, and am excited to help make Maggie’s play more fun than ever.


If you’re looking to grab a DUPLO or LEGO set for your munchkin for Christmas, be sure to check out their special Christmas activities site, and visit any of three upcoming Christmas pop-up events happening at Robinsons and Bricks World @ Harbourfront for some extra hands-on fun for kiddos. You can even snag a special mystery gift at the pop-up events with the promo code SASSYLEGOXMAS16. Check out out LEGO Singapore’s Facebook page for all the deets!

Happy building, mamas!

DUPLO toys are available at LEGO Certified Stores, Toys ‘R’ Us, LEGO Mono Brand stores, department stores and select toy stores. Prices range from $19.90 and up.

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