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Learning Through Outdoor Play (Cycling, Water Play, Multisports & more) at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse outdoor play
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Go cycling, explore the eco-garden, enjoy water play! Does this sound like learning or “just fun”? It’s both at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse (enrol now for savings worth up to $600)

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is an inquiry-based preschool that incorporates lots of outdoor play-based learning opportunities. That translates to lots of fun for little ones! This holistic approach to education at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse allows children to learn through play, and develop their natural creativity and curiosity about the world. Through outdoor play and daily exploratory opportunities, children will become independent learners and critical thinkers, while they develop their language, literacy, social, emotional and problem-solving skills – not to mention gross motor skills, confidence and resilience!

Lots of different outdoor play and learning experiences

If your little one can’t sit still for long periods of time – at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse they won’t have to. In fact, getting up and outside to explore all the exciting learning opportunities is what it’s all about with the inquiry-led play-based programme. Here’s what’s in store at this preschool:

1. Children will get to explore the eco-garden and nurture a love of nature. They will get to explore their senses (seeing, touching and smelling the plants) as well as learn about the importance of looking after trees, plants and herbs.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse outdoor play

2. Little ones can cycle around the bicycle track burning off their energy and racing their buddies. Children learn best when they are able to move freely undirected – this gives them spatial awareness and helps them meet their developmental milestones. Plus it is good fun!

3. Sand play – sensory play is so important for children of all ages. Playing with sand helps develop fine motor skills, improves hand-eye coordination and promotes creativity and imagination.

4. Water play is always a hit with children. It’s therapeutic and affords so many learning opportunities- children can explore ‘volume’ (why does the water fit in one container but spill out of the smaller container?), ‘density’ (why do some things float and others sink?).

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse play based approach

5. The playground at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse looks such fun for little tykes! Self-directed play allows children the opportunity to develop social, emotional and problem-solving skills and it’s a great way to develop their imagination as well as fit in physical exercise!

6. They also have in-house enrichment programmes featuring sports, dance and art! For example, FIITercise takes place outdoors covering multisports such as floorball, touch rugby, basketball and tennis.

7. And last but not least, an outdoor artsy corner allows children the chance to be creative, have fun with messy paints and explore colour.

Excited to see how much fun your child could have at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse whilst learning too? Book a tour at your preferred centre (different locations conveniently located around Singapore).

Plus enjoy savings up to $600 when you enrol with them!

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 3165 0224,

Brought to you in partnership with Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

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